Tuesday, January 13, 2009

bball vs. quiet time

tonight, we had planned to attend the uab basketball game as a family at 7:00pm. well, jay got home right after i fed the grunt, and we both started getting the girls ready in their game day green. shortly after, poor little lyla yacked all over herself. not sure if it was a huge air bubble left in her tummy or if she was indeed getting sick...again. so we decided to play the safe card, and i stayed home with the grunt so that she could rest easy while jay took the mabster for a daddy/daughter night out. the mabster had been so excited all day about going (as well as daddy) so of course, they weren't going to miss it.

this plan actually ended out working great for me. i haven't had down "me" quiet time in awhile. i've had go out "me" girl time, but not this. i had a chance to clean up the man cave, organize through a heapful of clothes that a dear friend gave me for the mabster, order pizza, watch american idol, and lastly take a bubble bath while listening to sappy love songs on my i-pod. it was awesome and much needed. the grunt was easy peasy. she ate squash, rolled around on the floor repeatedly, babbled to herself, and then fell asleep super early. (sigh) god must have been smiling down on me.

lastly, jay came home with a report that the mabster had a great time. tita karmie ended up using my ticket and sitting with them. the mabster caught a "gang green" t-shirt that the cheerleaders threw to her, and we ended up winning in the last four minutes of the game by 9 points. he said it was awesome. he's happy, i'm happy, the girls are happy. we're set. one thing i was reminded of after tonight, was the realization of how much easier it is of taking care of just a baby. a baby vs. a toddler is like night and day. i didn't have to yell repeatedly, chase after her, or say "no" a hundred times, we just chilled. man, i miss those days.


Katie & Frank said...

See. . .that's why I only have a husband right now that takes up my "me" time. I couldn't give up what little bit I have left to a child right now. But hopefully in a few years, we'll be ready for those beautiful blessings to arrive in our home!

karmie said...

actually, harper gave me green and gold tickets. we sat with him until halftime and then per the mabster's request, moved to sit with them.

if you do ever have any extra tickets, though, i can always use them.

Kim said...

it'll be an adjustment, but totally worth it in the end. just hold on to your sanity as long as you can! :)

you know you will always have dibs on our tix...especially since you take the mabster to the mcwane for us. hehe.