Saturday, January 24, 2009

blazer basketball

saturday, uab played rice in basketball at 2:00pm at bartow arena. both the mabster and the grunt have been sick this week so daddy decided to stay in with them while i got out of the house and watched the game with family. karla, tre, carson, and lola all met me there. karla used jay ticket and sat with me considering we had a lot of catching up to do. meanwhile, tre, carson, and lola sat a couple of rows back. it was a good game, but the competition wasn't as tense as i like it. we were winning by a landslide. i don't even remember the final score, but i'm pretty sure ours doubled theirs. nonetheless, it was good just to get out for a bit. here's a pic of karla, lola, carson, and we have found a new fellow blazer fan. her name is gina, and she rocks! for the past couple of home games, we have met up with her to chat during half time and the such. the mabster loves rocco, but unfortunately, she had to stay at home since she was sick. here's a picture of karla with carson, gina with rocco (notice his game day green), and me with my phantom kid. :)