Thursday, January 29, 2009

daddy's a clown!

tonight, we had mexican and margaritas for dinner, and then we all headed down to the ringling bros. and barnum & bailey circus. it's tradition for us to go every year in part of jay's birthday. we bought tickets with yankee belle and her family and all sat beside each other. we had great front row seats, and as soon as we sat down, jay and mitchelle were picked by the clowns to come down to center stage. jay was SO excited. he looked at me with his eyes as big as an 8-year-old's and whispered, "sweetie, i've always wanted to be IN the circus." i laughed, and of course, grabbed my camera immediately. guess those clowns knew it was his birthday. so they bring them down for a game of musical chairs. it was hysterical. jay was so completely enjoying himself and hamming it up with the fellow clowns. after tonight, i honestly think he may have missed his out of the 5 random guys the clowns picked, jay and mitchelle were 2 of them. they played musical chairs until it was narrowed down to 4 contestants. then the clowns made the guys lay across the chairs with their backs across the others knees. mitchelle was there for the finale to pull out the chair that held all of them up. as he did, they were all left still standing but laying back on each other. it looked super cool, and they called it "the invisble reclining chair." it was pretty neat. the crowd applauded them, and they took a bow. job well done guys!the show was full into swing now. the acrobats, dancers, and clowns were coming out of no where. lights were flashing, and the music was pumping. as the elephants came in, the girls got excited. they both started clapping until they got closer...once the elephants were only a feet away, you could hear lil B say "pee-yew, they are smelly!" as i hear yankee belle laughing, i turn to look and see that lil B is holding her nose through her shirt while the mabster is fanning her face. i have never laughed so hard. i'm just glad this head cold has made me lose my sense of smell, that way i did not have to agonize with them.the show was great as always, and we really enjoy watching how much the girls actually "get" it and really love it as they get older. they clapped in unison, pointed at the horses, watched as the clowns got shot out of the huge cannons, and laughed at the dancing woof-woofs in dresses.the mabster's favorite though was watching the tigers. i think we can thank her lola and pawpaw for that and all the conversations about the auburn tigers. her mouth dropped as soon as she saw them and clapped like crazy. too stinkin' cute. did i mention the grunt had a blast as well? she loved all the flashes of the bright lights, and the security lady who stood in front of us could not get enough of her smile. YB told me that if the grunt came up missing, she would know who to look for first. LOLoverall, we all had a great time. it's hard to believe that i had never been to the circus until i met jay almost 10 years ago. now we haven't missed one since. i want my girls to experience different things like this. i want traditions to live on, especially when it brings us all so much joy. oh and yes, i almost forgot to mention...another reason we love the circus is because of the funnel cake and yummy lemonade. totally worth the money in my opinion. the outrageously over-priced flashing toys and cotton candy? not so much. nonetheless, it was a great time indeed!