Monday, January 19, 2009

"get those sillies out!"

the mabster attended another birthday party over the long weekend, but this one was located at the pump it up in pelham. i think it has been over a year that we have been to this place so we were both really looking forward to it. we were excited to celebrate baby princess's 3rd birthday that was planned by queen B. this place is so much fun. the inflatables are huge, and it's awesome because even the parents get to play on them too and enjoy bouncing around with the kids. i was stoked because last year i was pregnant and super cautious so i never attempted anything. this time? it was on! check out how awesome these inflatables are...also, i was quite impressed with the mabster. she was scaling walls, jumping around, and she even went down the biggest slide ALL. BY. HERSELF. i couldn't believe it. i thought for sure that once she got up there and looked down that she'd turn into the kid who sat all day on the high dive scared to finally jump into the pool. either that, or i'd be calling for seis or k-mom to run up there after her. she really does amaze me more and more every day. my heart swelled up with pride. i love that sweet little munchkin.we played and played for about 2 hours. poor queen b's battery on her camera died so she used mine instead. it was a plus for her, and a plus for me because now i, too, have a copy of all these great pics. here's a picture of all the kids. i think i was in the bathroom when this took place because as i was looking through my camera, i thought to myself, "when did that happen?" nonetheless, it's a cute's what the moms did for the most part after the first hour and a half. we knew the kids were loving it, but boy did it wear us out. oh to have the energy of a toddler! later, we all got called back into a private room for cake and ice cream while baby princess opened up her birthday presents. we had a great time, and i was so thankful that the mabster got to blow off some steam. she had the time of her life which made for one quiet car ride home with both girls passed out in the backseat. ahh, my favorite. to top it all off, it started snowing on the way home which only sealed the deal for a perfect day out. happy birthday baby princess!


Anonymous said...

Holyhell!!! AGAIN, where was this when I was a kid????!!
Happy Birthday, Lil Princess!
~ Karla
(PS. I need a google account so I don't have to always post under anonymous - errrr)

Blue Momma said...

It was a very relaxing party for me! The last time I was there I slid/climbed/jumped as much as the kids did. I prefer it this way!

And Karla - you can post under the name/url thing can't you? Looks like you can enter your name and an url is optional.

When you post on my blog and tell me how fabulous I am you can give it a try! hehehe:$

Kim said...

BM, you crack me up!! but it really is good to see you blogging again. :)