Wednesday, January 7, 2009

happy birthday nan!

tonight we went over to nan's house for dinner in honor of her birthday today. we celebrated just like we did last year with chinese take-out. for you see, the nan is use to slaving over a hot stove for us all the time. that's why she always requests for chinese take-out. it means she doesn't have to cook, and since it's her birthday, of course we oblige. family dinners are great. i believe family is the foundation for everything, and i like to think that ours is pretty strong. we talked about the usual things we always talk about while eating...pee, poop, and throw-up. hey, we have kids, can you blame us? after many funny discussions about various events, nana lin brings in the birthday cake for nan.the mabster helped nan blow out the candles after we all sang happy birthday, and then we enjoyed the yummy caramel cake. then, of course, we took the traditional birthday fingers picture to display how old the nan really is. the funny thing is, is that everybody was suppose to put up all of their fingers in exaggeration of her age, but with holding babies, it was kinda hard. this picture makes me laugh because first off, the nan is putting her head down displaying the embarrassment of us trying to be cute. and secondly, the mabster is trying to copy her. thirdly, we are only really displaying 40 fingers not a vast over-exaggerated amount. it was hilarious, but in all honesty, we know that the nan is really only 21. happy birthday nan, we love you!


Anonymous said...

THE NAN....just love her! i still have the pink sweater she knitted for ericka when she was a baby! it was so darn sweet of her!