Tuesday, January 27, 2009

"It's fun to stay at the Y-M-C-A"

tonight, karla and i headed to the gym. after reading k-mom's blog, i got super motivated. we've had a family gym membership to the Y for some time now, but only the hubster has really used it. karla and tre are members as well. so we get there, check in, put our stuff up in the locker room, and head to the the work out equipment area. we start shooting the shit while stretching, and then we scoped out the room for two treadmills that were open beside each other. alas, we found some, giggled with glee, and began to start up the machine.

i was pumped. ready to break a sweat. ready to get my blood pumping and feel the burn in my lungs and legs. so like any overly excited newbie, i pump up my speed and intensity and start running. the running turned into jogging. then, i look over at karla who is at slower speed than i am. she laughs at me and tells me to take my time, and get warmed up first. she was definitely always the smarter twinkie, that's for sure. so i lowered my speed level to match hers, and there we were side by side, walking at a fast pace just a chattin' it up. we did this for half an hour. it was good. i broke a sweat. my face now red.

so then we see two elliptical machines beside each other become available. we seized the day. i jumped on mine, karla's on hers, and we start programming it. before i go any further, let me tell you this...

there was this sweet little old guy beside me on an elliptical machine as well. when he was done, he checked to see how many calories he burned. as he was doing it, he turned to us and said, "i wonder how many beers i can drink now with the calories i just burned?" i smiled and said, "hope it's a lot." he looked and said, "200. hmm, i can have a sam adams. or better yet, two bud lights. maybe even 3 pabst extra lights." okay at this point, karla and i both lose it. we are laughing so hard at this silly old man. i don't know what's funnier...the fact that he was really going to drink to counteract what he just burned. or that he really already knew the caloric intake in different brands of beer. classic.

after he left, we continued laughing and the thought "blogworthy" came to mind. i totally needed that. now we are excited about bodyjam, and spin class with the hubbies. jaydoug, i know you are reading this...if you make fun of me while i'm pedaling my little heart out on that bike, i will seriously kick you off of yours. i am totally not going to relive the feelings of you watching me while i played intramural volleyball. fucker. LOL. "you pick the blueberries you like, right?" god i hope so! good times, good times.


Anonymous said...

good for you kim! i had rob buy me a treadmill for mother's day last year....i used it for a while but now its folded up and sitting in the corner of our bedroom...its great for hanging stuff on it! LOL!


Anonymous said...

I LOVE working out with old people - they never cease to amaze me with their humor. The Hubbies will be shaking their heads when they see us after 10 mins of spin class, BUT at least we're there!! I'm really looking forward to working out with you on a schedule now - mark your calendar, biotch, it's on!
Love, Karla

Kim said...

if i had a treadmill at home, it'd probably sit in the corner too. i'm just not good when it comes to working out at home. i have to remove myself from my comfort zone and get motivated by watching others. i love your comment...at least it's good for something! =P

Kim said...

and karla, you know it!! :)