Wednesday, January 14, 2009

lyla's new bling

tonight, we went out to our local claire's store and got sweet little grunt's ears pierced. we wanted to get them done so that she will look super pretty at her baptism on sunday. plus, at the age she is now, it's the perfect time considering she does not wiggle around much and has no idea what's going on. bless her heart. so we get there, hand the lady her immunization records, and we get started. daddy held her while i helped the lady get things set up, signed papers, and approved of where on the outer ear it was going to be pierced. we picked out the cutest little diamond studs just like her big sister has. you wanna know what big sister was doing the whole time while mommy and daddy were preoccupied? oh, she was picking and grabbing every thing her little toddler hands could get a hold of while saying, "look mommy, bag. look mommy, rings. look mommy, glasses." i turned around and saw her dropping an item as she tried to bring 50 different things to me. the mabster was in accessory heaven. here she after i stopped laughing and told the mabster to start putting the things up, we began the ear piercing process. i have to admit, i was nervous as hell. even though i have seen far worse things in nursing school, this was my baby, and i knew she wasn't going to like it. so the lady starts the first piercing, and she misses. it nicked lyla but not enough to go completely through. my heart dropped, and i thought i was going to puke. poor little lyla was not happy. it was an accident, a mistake. i understand that, but if it happened again, my ass was going to walk out the door and go somewhere else. luckily, we got lyla calmed down, and the lady successfully pierced both ears. whew, thank god that's over with. the grunt didn't cry much at all after that. i think it was just the initial scare that made her upset the most. but hey, i don't blame her.

so ten minutes later, we walk out the door with sweet little lyla donning a pair of beautiful diamond stud earrings, and the mabster got a miniature cupcake purse that we rewarded her with for putting everything else back up. hey, at least it wasn't the make-up. lastly, here is a picture of our sweet little grunt. i don't even think she realizes she is wearing them at this point. what a trooper, you look so pretty!


Poodlehead said...

I couldn't do it. that kind of stuff freaks me out with babies. but she sure is purdy. :)

Kim said...

i thought that too before we had abby's done, but hubby really wanted her to have them so i gave in. now i tell people if you slightly think you'd want to, to go ahead and do it. they seriously only cry for less than a minute and then forget.

but thank you, i think she's purdy too. :) but i may be a bit biased.