Sunday, January 25, 2009

movie review

sunday, jay woke up early to make a tee time with the guys on the golf course at 8:20 that morning. the girls and i stayed in and rested up...thankfully, everyone's sickness has almost passed. it's been a long week so we decided that we both needed a hot date night out together. so we headed to the movie theatre and watched the curious case of benjamin buttons followed by dinner. this move was fan-freakin-tastic. in my opinion, it is a forrest gump in a way. and yes, i consider forrest gump a classic. big fish too. so the movie starts, and every woman in the audience is giggling at every quiet pause of hot young brad pitt. oh sorry, i digress.

the storyline is awesome. it's about benjamin's extraordinary life. he was born an old man who was diagnosed with several aged diseases at birth, thus given little chance of survival. however, he does survive and gets younger with time. i can't even give details or specifics because it was three hours long, and worth every second. i heard to be prepared to get emotional so i walked in with half a roll of toilet paper, and came out with a tiny soaking wet snot ball. i definitely was not pretty, but i didn't care. at this point, who am i honestly trying to impress? he's already seen me look far worse anyway. movies like this play on your heart strings so much more after you have kids of your own. it was a good kinda cry, i definitely needed that. overall, we will definitely be purchasing that one on dvd when it comes out.