Saturday, January 10, 2009

rock band rocks!

saturday night, blue momma and blue daddy invited us over to their house for dinner, as well as a chance for all of us to play rock band together. jay has never played rock band, but he does have guitar hero here at our house. i played rock band for the first time at one of blue momma's playgroups, and it was a blast. we were quite excited to play. when we first got there, we all sat down for dinner. blue daddy grilled us some oh-so yummy ribs that were finger lickin' good while BM cooked us some sides that were also very delish. once everyone's tummies were full, the kids went downstairs to play while the big kids started to ROCK OUT!i started off as the lead singer with jay and BM on the guitars while BD played the drums. it was so much fun. i'm sure my singing was horrible, but after a couple of beers, who could really tell, right? then we all switched instruments, and i got to play the guitar. now the guitar is addictive as hell. i was so mesmerized by the screen the whole time making sure i hit every dot at the right time. the one thing i love about this game though, is if i start sucking it up (which i did numerous times), one of your band mates can save you so that you can start back up. needless to say, i got saved more than i couple of times. no church required. =Plater the kids came upstairs to watch us and then were labeled our groupies. i think we should hit the road touring soon, we might just be that good. overall, we had a great time and before we knew it we were home past midnight. yowzas. i think our kids were rock stars too that night for staying up so late and still in decent moods. thank god we all got to sleep in the next morning. so thank you for having us, blue family. we had a blast! now i'm just wondering, when is our next show? hehe. lastly, here's a picture of how talented the blue momma that's some skill right there baby!!