Saturday, January 31, 2009

still a blur...

my mind has left me after this past weekend. i have no idea how to begin this blog post, much less describe the crazy fun that took place at home field on friday night, the night of jay's 28th birthday bash. i don't remember much except for laughing a ton. bent over, side grabbing, hysterically laughing, F.U.N. therefore, i will try to shed some light on the events throughout the night, but for the most part, i figure i'd let the pictures do most of the talking. the party started at 7:30pm. everyone arrived, some sat down to eat, everyone started to drink, and the whole gang was merry.
once all of the guys arrived, jay started handing out the party favors to them. he surprised all the hubbies with their very own D.L.O.B. t-shirt. ever since i have met these fabulous ladies and attended many functions where the hubbies always had to tag along as well, jay has always jokingly said that he was gonna start his own dad's group were the hubbies would have their own "dad's nights out." i think it's quite fair actually. as much as i go out to dinner, movies, bunco, bars, etc., etc. with the girls, they deserve to have some guy time as well. i guess jay figured that by making a t-shirt, it would make his "man club" official. they are already working on their social calendar. lucky us! =P here's a pic of some of the men with their t-shirts...the night was in full swing now. after everyone made their rounds of saying 'hello' and catching up, it consisted of:
pool playing,
dart throwing,
karaoke singing,
dirty dancing,
shot drinking,
drunk kissing,
loud laughing,
and A LOT of conversating!! take a gander, shall we?...two things i do recall, however, are 1.) when karla maria sang madonna's "like a virgin" to her hubby, tre. it was hilarious and very well done. i think the best though was when tre commented into the microphone, "how come i don't get this at home?" it was great. 2.) when seis and hubby made me follow them out on the dance floor with my camera just so i could get a picture of them dancing beside "loretta." now if you walk into HF and scan through the crowd, you will know exactly who i am talking about. "loretta" is a regular there, and she is a sweet old lady who dresses to the T in a head to toe, bedazzled outfit with awesome bouffant hair. she's awesome. here is a quick pic taken of her from behind. notice her in her bouffant glory...lastly, the bar closed down at 2:00am. like any night full of drunken debauchery, we did what we know best...ate at the awful waffle. we all crammed into one car (which btw, was driven by our pregnant DD who was staying in our man cave for the night), and joined all the other fellow drunks for some breakfast food that we would never eat sober. and why yes, "loretta" was there as well.i don't remember much of the car ride home except that bluedaddy was sprawled out across 3 of us in the backseat while dirty jokes and yelps were flying. it was the perfect ending for a perfect night with perfect friends. thank you to everyone who helped us celebrate. so here's to you, jaydoug...happy 28th birthday! i am blogging this for you now, in hopes that one day looking back, you just might actually remember this night. key word. might.


Yankee Belle said...

I'm still tired...but it was worth it...well worth it Happy B-day V-Jay!!!!

Raven said...

You look so familiar! I used to hang out at Homefield with Brandon Ellis, Mike Montgomery and that whole crowd. I must have seen you there before! Looks like you guys had a good time! :)


Kim said...

YB - i am still tired too. but i must give you props, you partied like a rock star!! pregger and all, i was SO proud of you! :)

Kim said...

raven - you look very familiar as well! i'm sure we have bumped into each other more than a couple of times because i have partied too with those same guys. germ is jay's younger brother so we know most of the "brew crew" through him. small world!

Anonymous said...

I swear these "HF Nights" keep on getting better and better! I LOVE seeing everybody's wild side come out after a couple of drinks. The D.L.O.B. shirts are awesome, too - Tre loves his. Happy Birthday, JayDoug - we had a blast!!
~ Karla

K-Mom said...

Looks like a great time! I hate that we missed it. Happy Birthday, Jay!