Thursday, January 1, 2009

thursday's thirteen

1.) first off, let me start by saying HAPPY NEW YEAR!! i am so ready for a new year with new endless possibilities. i am ready for girl's nights out to dinner and the movies, bunco, supper club, and every thing in between. good friends make me so incredibly happy. there really are some good people out there once you really get to know them.

2.) i love how the mabster will now tell us when she is ready to go night-night in her big girl bed. there's no forcing her any more. what's even cuter is when she says, "i want to go night-night my big girl bed. i have a big day tomorrow." oh really? love it.

3.) the grunt is a rolling over machine now. every time i lay her down on her activity mat, she assumes the position and starts to roll over. sometimes though, she will roll over and get one arm stuck under her to where she can't pull it out. she gets so mad when this happens, it's too cute. if i hear her screaming, i know why. i love that sweet mess.

4.) jaydoug loves his newest hobby. he goes to his jiu jitsu classes religiously, and came home the other day in the best mood ever. he walked through the door bragging about how he put his instructor in a choke hold, and for the first time ever, his instructor had to tap out. even better, that he had to take a minute to regain his breathing before standing up. men crack me up. it's funny that they get off on that kinda thing. i'm just glad he really enjoys it, and can take out some aggression on someone else and not me. knock your socks off sweetie! :)

5.) our house is being swallowed in toys. must get rid of half. in this situation, less is definitely more...

6.) i am a happy person for the most part. i get excited a lot. with that being said, i have noticed that when i get excited behind the keyboard, i tend to overuse this :) and this =P and this ;)...but mostly this !!!!! so i apologize if it annoys anyone. i am trying to slack off, but GD i just get too happy sometimes! :) heehee.

7.) believe it or not, but there's a downfall to marrying a computer/gadget dork. wanna know what it is? i'll tell you...there are 50 million (no exaggeration, i promise) cords every where in our house. i don't know what half of them belong to, therefore, i can not just throw them out. jay is always asking me, "sweetie, have you seen my xyz cord?" ummm, check a closet that's got 50 of them all jumbled up together and maybe you might find it. good luck

8.) nana lin gave the mabster an aquadoodle for christmas. she received a big one and even a traveling one that she draws on while in the car. she loves the damn things and so does our carpet. :)

9.) this blog has become my new favorite hobby. it use to be scrapbooking, but there's no way i can sit still long enough to print off the numerous pics, much more, apply to paper with embellishments. so this will have to do for now. it will be my electronic scrapbook that i will then later get printed off into a book. great idea, eh?

10.) i told the mabster that i wasn't feeling good. then she looked at me and quietly sang, "don't be afraid, don't be scared.." from one of her favorite shows yo gabba gabba. my heart melted.

11.) i took down all of our christmas decorations down tonight. as much as i loved having it up, it felt really good cleaning and organizing the house without it. too much clutter makes me irritable. now i feel refreshed and ready for a new year.

12.) i am thankful that i can sit still tomorrow and knock out the rest of this laundry. when jay is home, i don't touch the stuff because we are usually out and about doing stuff. tomorrow the laundry shall be defeated!

and lastly,

13.) is it sad that a dollhouse castle has replaced our centerpiece on top of the coffee table in the den? nahhh.