Thursday, January 8, 2009

thursday's thirteen

1.) i found a 20 dollar bill in the washing machine while switching out the laundry the other day. then i quickly put it in my pocket. i figured it was my extra tip money for doing the laundry. if jay mentions it and wants it back, i'll give it to him. if he forgets, it's all mine. :)

2.) i think it's super cute when the mabster goes to her bedroom drawers, picks up all of her clothes, and then runs to the door saying, "i'm ready. let's go!" don't think she understands that we have to put the clothes ON in order to be ready to go.

3.) have you ever stepped on a small old hard piece of play-doh? it feels like stepping on broken glass. ouch.

4.) jay got a promotion in his jiu jitsu class last week. which means he got another stripe added to his white belt. we're so proud.

5.) one of my new year's resolutions is to cook more...we may both be losing more weight than what we expected. lol.

6.) the grunt has recently realized that she has a voice. so now she will sit there all day just a screaming and cackling out loud to herself. she loves it. i love it. it makes me happy.

7.) we have been watching the tv series, GREEK, on dvd for some time now. this show cracks me up! i love watching a good sorority rush. all these girls do all day long is recruit, recruit, recruit. it's hilarious to watch them trash talk someone behind their backs one minute, and then fakely kiss ass to their face the next just to up their numbers and popularity. it's funny how well the acting is, but gosh, that must be exhausting. wear yourselves out CC because it makes for some great entertainment!

8.) i find it hilarious after the mabster does something and says "tah daaaa!"

9.) worst part of the day: the meltdown right before nap time
best part of the day: nap time :)

10.) i saw a big fat hairy mole the other day, and it scared the crap out of me. at first i thought it was a rat, but then i looked closer and it was a mole. i don't trust those things, they act like they're cute, but i don't buy it.

11.) i worship my new double stroller. the mabster loves it, the grunt loves it, and i especially love it. i think i will find a license plate for it that says "babySUV." thank you again auntie jess, it's perfect!

12.) i heart witty cunning nicknames that stick. they're great.

and lastly,

13.) i am very thankful for the path that God has put me on. sometimes i don't understand all of it, but when another door opens to something that's even better and brighter, every thing comes into focus. guess He really knows what He's doing after all.


Hill Family said...

First of all let me just say this: I LUV your thursday thirteen!!!
Secondly, at our house - if money is left in the dirty laundry then it's all mine baby!!!

Yankee Belle said...

Your 13s are awesome!

Yankee Belle said...

And ditto what Hill Fam said about found laundy money. ;)

Kim said...

LOL. thanks girls, i'm glad ya'll enjoy them!

jaydoug said...

sad thing is, kim only does laundry when I have cash.. now I know why

Anonymous said...

I too love your 13s...they are always awesome! please keep them coming!
also, i also have the rule if the money is left in the dirty laundry then its all mine...i say its pay for having to touch sweaty socks, dirty underwear even if he does ask for it...TOO DARN BAD!!!!