Thursday, January 15, 2009

thursday's thirteen

1.) the mabster has started snatching the grunt's binkie out of her mouth. she'll do it and then say, "baby sister's a big girl" as she hides it. augh. what next?

2.) i want to be beyonce. every time i see her "single ladies (put a ring on it)" video, i am mesmerized and in awe by those moves. good lord, she knows how to work it! beyonce? is my hero.

3.) i have found a new lover. he's initials, I.M. we chat all day every day and even all night long till the wee hours of the morning. i am greeted with a hello followed by whispers of sweet nothings all throughout the day. from venting to laughing to gossiping to planning, we are just absorbed with each other. i am no longer lonely come nap time and bed time. the pillow talk is my favorite though. i heart you, IM. how did i survive without you?

4.) every time we enter into our neighborhood and drive past each house, the mabster points out the window and says, "my house? house? no..." to every single house. then when we pull up into our driveway, she says, "we're home!!"

5.) a good day is when both of the girls take their naps simultaneously.
a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day is when i am constantly trying to get one down while the other is still up, back and forth, over and over. augh, it drains the hell out of me.

6.) the grunt has hazels eyes. dear gawd, i hope they stay that way. the mabster's had already turned a good solid brown color by now so i hoping maybe lyla's will stick. i think that'd be just fabulous.

7.) we have not recently bought any new where the hell did all of my hangers go? in my opinion, sometimes hangers are like socks. the washing machine doesn't eat them, but maybe my closet does.

8.) there's a big dog that likes to hang out on our back porch. whenever the mabster sees him, she starts yelling and pointing at the door window, "go away woof-woof, go away!" see, this is why we don't have pets.

9.) i have been told by a group of my girlfriends that they are going to buy me a tape recorder so that when we all go out for our girl time, i will have something to record the highlights and funny comments with. i think it's brilliant. obviously, i won't remember everything that was said that i consider "blog worthy" so having a tape recorder on hand is pure genius!

10.) the mabster passed gas the other day, laughed, and blamed it on the baby. why not? daddy does it all the time.

11.) "baby, it's cold outside" is an understatement. whew, is it lake season yet?

12.) my days, weeks, and months are usually slammed busy. i can't imagine how i am going to make it when the kids start sports and other extra-curricular activities. it's going to be exhausting, but totally worth it.

and lastly,

13.) words cannot express how excited i am about hubby's upcoming birthday party. it is going to be the bomb diggity, no doubt!


Katie & Frank said...

Have I told you how much I love Thursday's thirteen?

Kim said...

i'm so glad you like them, katie! some times they're hard to come up with and some times i could probably list 50...