Thursday, January 22, 2009

thursday's thirteen

1.) i am so thankful for our garage. it keeps my car warm overnight, and i couldn't imagine having to sit and wait for the inside of it to finally warm up, much more less scrape off the icy dew from the windshield before leaving. maybe i'm just spoiled.

2.) hubby and i were talking the other day about which word we'd like to teach the mabster to say when pertaining to her private part. hubby seems to like saying "who-ha," whereas, i prefer calling it her "coochie." so what do you guys think, coochie or who-ha? =P

3.) these past two weeks have been crazy, busy, and slammed. usually i get one day to chill at home. today's the day. we're not getting out of our pajamas if we don't have to. ahh, it's going to be nice and much-needed.

4.) we're trying to potty train the mabster while we're at home. she will tee-tee in her big girl potty like a champ, but poo-pooing is a different story. the other day, she pooped in her big girl panties while sitting on the floor. it wasn't pretty. at all.

5.) we have a "junk drawer" in our kitchen. when i open it, it makes me feel sane, and i can usually almost always find what i am looking for. kinda weird, huh?

6.) sorry i have slacked with blog posts regarding tags. if you've tagged me, i promise i will follow through any day now. hopefully. but i really do appreciate you guys thinking of me.

7.) the mabster is on a marshmallow kick right now. she requests to eat them every day, and i can't help but laugh at her as she shoves a handful in her mouth at one time. i think she is trying to train herself for future "chubby bunny" competitions.

8.) have you ever slept in a wrong position only to wake up to your body aching all day? i did this a couple of nights ago, and my muscles still feel sore. i tried to force hubby to give me a massage that lasted about 2 minutes until he told me that he'd just buy me one instead. nice. works for me!

9.) i am addicted to my damn laptop. i can't help it. it makes me happy, and in a lot of ways, it is my form of socialization when the weather is too cold to go out in it.

10.) when it comes to cleaning and organizing, if i get a fire lit under my arse, it is in full force. i'm knocking things out from room to room, and it feels SO damn good to get it done. other days, i just live buried in toys. LOL

11.) the grunt is so beautiful when she smiles. her eyes are so unique. they are big and bright with a hint of chinkiness in the corners. that's that 1/4 filipino in her right there, buddy. i love it.

12.) for years, i have found that 2 spots on my back if rubbed, will send me into a frenzy of complete and utter relaxation. the first one is located in between my scapulas, and i call it "my stress pocket." the second one is located where one would get a tramp stamp, and i call it "the spot." hubby knows these areas well.

and lastly,

13.) i am so glad that the AF is gone. i hate when she comes into town, and she was definitely not very nice to me this past month. talk about me being an emotional wreck with cramps and headaches galore. blech. begone biotch! =P


Jamie said...

We call the private part "our girlies"....weird, but it works!

Kim said...

well that one sounds a lot better than the ones we chose! hmmm, maybe i should start calling it that...

Yankee Belle said...

Oh gosh I have too much to comment know the name we use, but my good friend Marlena says who ha...we literally talked about that today. Um I am so EXCITED about my laptop...I bet I will be addicted too. ANd the Grunt's eyes are beautiful! (LOL - hint of crack me up.) Oh and the garage...hell to the yes!!! I will never give up the comforts of my garage.

Kim said...

YB, i'm so glad we agree on so much. seriously.

Poodlehead said...

I vote for vagina. :)