Thursday, January 29, 2009

thursday's thirteen

1.) i'm getting my hair done did today. i didn't even realize how bad my highlights were looking till i pulled it back in a ponytail, and they started halfway down my head. ack! need new 'do...asap.

2.) the other day, i told the mabster that i was tired. then she said that she was tired too. i said, "abby's tired too?" and then she said, "no momma, i'm two and a half!" well then. okay!

3.) i have a new favorite song for the moment. it's The Beatles "Let It Be." it's inspiring and helps me get out of the funk. every girl needs a "go to" song like that one.

4.) we're going to the circus tonight. it's tradition to go every year in celebration of jay's birthday. he is easy to please just as long as he gets his funnel cake. :)

5.) the mabster found my roll of stamps and thought they were stickers. she peeled them off and placed them all over my address book. i had to teach her that those were expensive stickers that only mommy can play with. hopefully, it sank in.

6.) went to the movies last night with a dear friend. after the movie, we talked, and she enlightened me tremendously. it's awesome to have friends who have once been in your position to take advice from. thank you.

7.) the grunt is no longer wheezing and congested. the doc said her bronchitis is completely over with, but now she is showing signs of a slight ear infection in her left ear. now she is on amoxicillin twice a day for 10 days. my poor sweet girl, i hope you get healthy fast.

8.) i am ready to get my drink on for jay's birthday tomorrow night at home field. i already have a play list of songs that i'm dying to karaoke to with the girls, and i'm ready to get tore up from the floor up!! i am in desperate need of it right now. i'm stoked.

9.) i have the worse head cold right now. for the past 3-4 days, i have not been able to hear out of my right ear and just a little in the left. i feel like i am walking around in a bubble. i'm constantly asking people, "say that again?, what?, pardon?" not fun. my taste is gone as well. maybe that's a good thing. jager and i might just get along more than the usual tomorrow night. LOL

10.) the mabster's imagination is running wild right now. she runs every where saying, "the alligator/monster/doggy is going to get me!" then just starts screaming.

11.) my friend is having her "going away" party on saturday night at the kudu. while jay is watching the UFC fight with the guys, i will be wiping tears and passing tissues with the girls...or holding back hair while they hug the porcelain god. i will be there for support because there's no way i can get drunk two nights in a row. no way.

12.) i heart LOST, and nighttime tylenol cold/sinus rocks! best night and sleep i've ever had...

and lastly,

13.) if it weren't for the fact that the mabster absolutely loves her dance class, we'd probably sleep in on gloomy days like yesterday. but early every wednesday morning, she jumps out of her bed and says, "let's get ready!" seeing her that happy and excited is enough motivation in itself. hopefully, she'll be like that for school too.


K-Mom said...

Wish Jay a happy birthday for us! Sorry we can't be there!

Kim said...

will do, k-mom! ya'll have fun in memphis!

Yankee Belle said...

if lil B didnt love dance so much...I would have skipped it yesterday too. Bring on the circus!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

we are going to the circus on saturday...ty's 4th birthday is on tuesday so its part of his party plans! i'm looking forward to funnel cake as well and many other things...lemonade,snocones,big fat pretzels...hell i just go to eat!!

happy birthday jason!! hope you guys have a wonderful time at HF!!!

oh and ty got a hold of my stamps last week while daddy was in charge he had them everywhere even on daddy but rob didnt even know that they were stamps he says...hmmmmmm. he told me he thought he just had stickers!!!


Kim said...

amy, that is too funny about ty and the stamps! luckily, abby never put any on her, just on my folder and return addresses (which were easy to peel off). thankfully.

oh, and ty is going to love the circus! abby had the BEST time yet this year...she even got to watch daddy play musical chairs with the clowns! it was hysterical!!

Anonymous said...

looks like you guys had a great time last night. how funny is it that jason got to be a part of the show! NEATO!!!

we use to go every year as well but for some reason hadn't gone in the 4 years ty has been here. hmmm.

yes, the stamps....they were disney stamps so they did look like stickers,and he had a really hard time understanding that they were not. he had one on daddys shirt as well...i guess daddy was good and was awarded with one of mommys stickers.

KIDS...the always amaze me!