Saturday, February 28, 2009

guns, ribs, and rock band

saturday afternoon, jay met up with some of his man friends and did manly things. things like shooting skeet and blowing things up. they all caravaned to chilton county where bates' dad owned a shooting range. jay said the set up was super sweet, and honestly, i wouldn't expect anything less coming from clanton (where everything is peachy). later in the night, some of the guys partook in a shrimp boil and poker at bates' lakehouse. here's a picture of the strapping, robust, manly men with their small arsenal...meanwhile at blue momma's house, yankee belle and i got ready for some ribs and rock band. as the mabster calls him, "mr. mark" made the best ribs i have ever put in my mouth. his rub is awesome and he even stood out in the rain grilling them for us for hours. the girls played downstairs the whole time while watching sleeping beauty and eating buckets of popcorn. i swear it's the best they have ever played with each other. it was awesome. here's a pic of the infamous blue daddy ribs...later in the night, we all finished eating and then decided it was game on. jay and mitchelle met up with us as well, and we played rock band till our fingers bled. kidding. we actually talked for quite a while in between breaks of our 5 stars performances. surprisingly, i forgot to get a pic of all of us. it was hard to actually put down the guitar once i warmed up to it all. i hit my all time high of 98% and was stoked. we had an awesome time that night and got home at 1:30am!! wow. guess time really does fly when you're having fun. thanks again for having us, BM and BD!

Friday, February 27, 2009

"catch phrase"

tonight, we met up with my side of the family because one of our cousins (angelene) from new mexico was in town for some leadership classes. she is in the air force and has received the honor and title as a big chief. (i forgot the exact abbreviation for it, but it's a big deal.) so we all ate dinner together, and then headed over to tita karmie's house for a game night. as soon as we walked through her door, the mabster went running straight to all of tita karmie's mardi gras flair. it was hilarious.she had mounds full of different bead necklaces, stuffed animals, and a huge bag of miniature moon pies (which the mabster inhaled 2 while there). the mabster seriously took a dive into all the beads, and then we proceeded to bury her in them. here's a quick pic of her in all the colorful glory...we all sat down in tita karmie's den as she started up the fire pit. we chatted it up with angelene, and let the kids play with all the beads. cousin carson started crawling last week, and he was a hoot to watch. i love that little man! we'd set out a pair of big shiny beads a couple of feet in front of him, and then he'd take off like a bat outta hell. so fast and SO stinkin' cute! lake season is going to be a blast watching all these kids play the best part of the night was starting to unfold. we got into teams and started a game of "catch phrase." i can not tell you how funny this was to play, especially considering jay and i were on opposite teams. the man was cracking me up. i've never seen his eyeballs get so big as he anxiously tried to explain the phrase to his teammates without saying the words on the buzzer. it was hysterical! we played two rounds, but the last one was the best. we switched around teammates to where it was me, karla, and tre versus karmie, jay, and angelene. OH, we whooped them. i'd like to believe that it was because we know how to read each other even when the words won't come out right and the pressure is on. too much fun! we have now decided that a monthly game night is a MUST. nothing says "family fun" like a healthy dose of family competition. =P

Thursday, February 26, 2009

uab vs. memphis

thursday night was an exciting eventful night. once jay came home from work, we dropped off the girls, and then headed to j clydes to meet some friends for dinner and drinks before the uab vs. memphis basketball game at bartow arena. we all sat outside on the patio, and the weather felt awesome. it was good seeing some friends that we hadn't seen since christmas, and better yet finding out that one couple is now expecting their first baby. congrats to the dentici's!after dinner and some drinks, we headed over to bartow to meet up with some more friends to tailgate for a bit before the game started. it was funny to watch all the memphis fans pile out of their buses, and then hear peacock say, "go back to memphis...memphis!" yeah, some had been pre-game drinking a little earlier than others. so the time is getting close, and we all decide to head for our seats in preparation for the big game.we make our way inside, and it is packed! tickets were SOLD OUT, and there was blazer spirit every where. the theme for the night was "the gold rush," and everybody was encouraged to wear gold. it was nice because even t-shirts were supplied on the seats of the lower level. tip off begins, and the house is rowdy. we played awesome throughout the whole first quarter with the score being neck and neck. we were pumped. then within the last 9 minutes, the refs pretty much handed memphis the game. they called the most ridiculous fouls i have ever seen (3 back to back) and even labeled one a technical. it was SO aggravating. so they bumped up into a 8-10 point lead, and the rest was history. the blazers lost, but we put up a good fight against #4 ranked memphis.oh and supposedly, jay and i were caught on tv towards the end of the game. our seats are right there behind the announcers so when the camera recorded the refs reviewing a play on the monitor, it taped us as well. i got excited because after that point, everybody kept calling us to say that they saw us on tv. ESPN2 eat your heart out!

thursday's thirteen

1.) today, i'm taking lyla to her 6 month doctor appointment in the morning, and then we're headed over to tita karmie's house. she has spent the last 7 days at mardi gras and is granting the mabster permission to be the first to sort through her loot. i can only imagine how many beads that woman has come home with...

2.) i had a nosebleed the other day, and my first thought was, "oh shit, i need to get off of this island." wow. that is enough proof in itself that i am addicted and consumed with watching LOST.

3.) i love how animated lyla is now. i love how when she gets excited, she frantically flops around like a fish out of water. and her smile? she does it all the time. i love it.

4.) tuesday night, we met up with some friends for a free kid's concert at the library. we ate at the cantina after wards, and it turned out being a really fun family triple-date night.

5.) while at the library, jay and i got a kick out of watching the mabster dance to the musician's silly songs. we looked at each other and realized just how far along she has come. the mabster use to be a shy, quiet, passive little girl. now, she runs into the crowd with all the other "big girls," front and center, and shakes what her momma gave her. we're so proud.

6.) it is SO relieving to have a BFF who lives so super close who is willing and ready to watch my kids for me while i run some errands, get my hair done, go to the doctor, have a hot date night out with the hubster, etc. i honestly have NO idea how i would make it without her. i firmly believe that God put her in my life for so many different reasons. you know who you are, and i swear, i owe you SO much. thank you.

7.) saturday, jay plans to blow things up and shoot some skeet with the guys in clanton, and then we're meeting up with some other friends later that night for lots of laughs and conversation. it'll be low key, and i'm ready.

8.) sunday, i am helping co-host a bridal tea for our friend, jessi. dear god, i have no idea what to wear, and these girls are trendy. they are still up to date on the latest fashions, and i am a mom with no clue. looks like i'll be going in a black dress. let's just hope lyla doesn't spit up on it before i walk out the door.

9.) with that being said, her bachelorette party is next weekend in nashvegas. karla maria and i plan to go shopping soon...we want to act and feel like we've still "got it." HA!

10.) as you can tell, this week's been busy just like the last which only means that the score is: laundry-50, me-0. that's okay though because i can totally knock it out all day tomorrow. it may be laughing at me now, but i've got some mad skills once i get in the zone...just ask the hubby. that's one (out of the 50 gazillion =P) things he has said that he loves about me.

11.) the mabster's newest book that came in the mail the other day is titled "gobble-gobble crash, a barnyard counting bash." i have lost count at how many times she has made me read it to her just within the past week. so thank you, dolly parton's imagination library, my kid is now gobbling like a turkey.

12.) why is it that when i'm already running late, there is always something else that will happen that will make me double late. some times i actually believe that i will make it on time, and then murphy's law comes out to bite me in the ass. it's like it's inevitable.

and lastly,

13.) the UAB vs. Memphis basketball game is tonight!! everybody and their mother is stoked. the guys are leaving work early to booze it up at j clyde's, and then we're all tailgating outside of bartow arena hours before the tip off. YB is watching the girls for us because we've got plans to get rowdy. GOOO BLAZERS!!!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

moms night out

met up with the girls tonight at superior grill for some mexican, margaritas, music, and a whole lot of running our mouths! who knew that we'd end up closing the place down after rambling for 4 straight hours? i don't think anyone even left their seat other than to pee and pay our tab. it was awesome. guess we all had a lot of catching up to do followed by a lot of laughs. as usual, it was a great time with great friends. loves me some good quality moms night outs!

(disclaimer: for the sake of yankee belle's pride and dignity, i will refrain from posting the party foul pic that looked like she pee'd her pants. however, in return, i will thank her for the countless laughs she supplies us with. you're special, and we love you.)

wordless wednesday

Monday, February 23, 2009

mardi gras supper club

last saturday night rolled around like no other. it was time for our supper club get-together hosted by music mama and selena. the theme: mardi gras. since we all have kids and couldn't get away to drink irresponsible in NOLA or mobile, we celebrated the best way we know how...bama style, baby! the location took place in music mama's home, and the place was decked out in mardi gras flair. i swear it was a very close second to bourbon street itself. everyone came dressed up, some in full costume, some with beads and booze. seis won the costume contest in which she was awarded the biggest baddest bead necklace you've ever seen. here is a preview of all things mardi gras...okay so let's talk about the menu, shall we? it was awesome and consisted of shrimp and grits, crab cakes, jambalaya, corn bread, mashed potatoes, baked oysters, salad, freshly made beignets, and king cake. the hubster even bought some yummy pat o'briens hurricane mix and made them once we got there. they were made from the original recipe and stout as hell. or should i say, "strong. like bull." everything was SO delicious and all around perfect. oh, and i found the tiny baby in my king cake...noticed it at around the 3rd bite. yay for me and some good luck. maybe this means i will win at next month's bunco!overall, i'd have to say that it was the best damn supper club yet! so much to say, but i swear it feels like my head is still foggy from that night. all i know is that i am still laughing at all the hysterical pictures everybody has been uploading to facebook. from dancing to some awesome cajun music, to exchanging beads and magical flying hats, to attempting a game of "H-O-R-S-E" on MM's kid's miniature basketball goal, to drinking ourselves silly and acting like fools, IT. WAS. A. BLAST. so much fun that i overslept till noon the following day. yes, you've heard right, i said noon. haven't done that since...well, definitely before having kids, that's for sure!so here's to you, my fellow supper-clubbers...ya'll just don't know how truly happy ya'll make me. these events just keep getting better and better, and this is proof in itself that we can bring mardi gras to the salty hambone. gotta love it!!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

baby caden awaits!

saturday at 2:00pm, i, along with blue momma, karla maria, and seis, helped co-host a baby sprinkle for our dear friend, yankee belle. it was a gift card sprinkle with her closest friends and family, and we were happy to help her in preparation of baby caden james' upcoming arrival. here's a picture of YB with her hostesses partaking in a celebratory champagne shot before the guests arrived.the spread, cake, mimosas, and punch were delicious. after everyone talked while munching on some food, we played a baby rhyme game. now this was pretty funny. i was shocked at how my mind has seem to forgotten some of the one liners that i have grown up with. like, "rub-a-dub-dub, three men in a tub, and how do you think (fill in the 3 empty spots)..." my response? "they rubbed nubs." sadly, i was wrong. seems the right and appropriate answer was, "they got there." wow, guess i was way off.after laughing at some of the responses, YB started unwrapping her gifts. along with numerous gift cards, she received baby caden's bedding and curtains that the grands had made for him. the theme is sock monkeys and it's super cute. also, poodlehead made an awesome gift for him as well. she walked around throughout birmingham and took pictures of certain letters that spelled out his name. enclosed was a note that revealed where each letter was from. for example, the "c" is from the mcwane center sign, the "a" is from the alabama theatre, so on and so forth. it looks awesome, and i loved the idea.after the presents had been opened, we all joined outside for a big group pic. later, i got some cute ones of lil B wearing her "i'm gonna be a big sister" dress. she is so excited, and i know she is going to make an awesome big sister just by watching her play with the mabster and the grunt. notice how YB is training lil B how to flash the infamous peace signs in the picture. ahhh, like mother, like daughter. congrats again, YB. we can't wait to meet your new little man!!

Saturday, February 21, 2009


so we just got in from a mardi gras themed supper club, and it was a blast. i lost count of the hurricanes that hubby had made me, but boy, were they stout. who really keeps count after they're feeling good anyway? not me. so i slightly remember a conversation where the hubster revealed to everyone about the back rubs i make him give me before we "do the deed." i guess since we're all friends, nothing is sacred any more.

but it's true. back rubs are my foreplay. if the hubster wants it, we both know that all he has to do is rub my back for 15 minutes. he does it and anxiously counts down every minute. "7 more minutes, sweetie..." it annoys the piss out of me because i feel like it takes away from my enjoyment and relaxation. him? not so much. it just builds him up. literally. =P

so we are home now in the wee hours of the am. hubster just has to watch the UFC fight that he dvr'ed while i sit beside him. i'm about to ask for my back rub. again, compromise is crucial in a good marriage, right?

Thursday, February 19, 2009

thursday's thirteen

1.) last sunday, the mabster went to a birthday party. while playing with her friends outside, their dog decided to chase her. she is so scared of dogs. i have never seen her run as fast as she did. daddy snatched her up, and she clinged on to his shirt for dear life. after the mabster calmed down, jay said that he thought the look on the her face was hilarious. he then asked if that made him a bad parent. i don't think so. i have to admit, it was pretty funny.

2.) with that being said, it's funny how the smaller the dog, the more terrified she gets. this one was a small dog.

3.) i am on a sandwich addiction right now. there's nothing better than thinly sliced turkey on fresh soft bread. yummmmm, i think i may make me one now...

4.) guy's night is tonight. it seems they have all missed each other. either that, or they just need an excuse to get out of the house. i think it's the latter.

5.) we have been on the go,go,go all week. monday, we went to storytime, snack, and craft at the library followed by a picnic in a nearby park. tuesday, we went to the zoo all day and then to lunch. wednesday was dance class, lunch, and errands. today? today, i am not leaving my house. tomorrow's a playdate with close friends, and this weekend is just as busy. whew, who the hell signed me up for all of this stuff? oh wait, i did. i may be crazy for taking on too much some times, but i actually really do enjoy it.

6.) whoever says that they'd be bored if they were a SAHM has never walked in my shoes.

7.) i did not realize that they sold marshmallows in small packaged bags. i have recently bought some and consider them a god-send. the mabster loves them, especially the pink ones. if it makes my kid happy, i am happy.

8.) hubby got a new car a couple of weeks ago, and i got to drive it for the first time last weekend. i think it is way too advanced for me. i felt like i was in a batmobile or something. things like pushing a button to start the car, a camera in the back is used when in reverse, you can say "call kim" out loud and it dials my phone, there are millions of radio stations to listen to, and the navigational system is freakin' awesome. i guess all that techy stuff is right up his alley. for me? i get a little nervous...i like pushing buttons and there's just way too many. my mom would go nuts!

9.) the mabster's vocabulary is spewing right now. the only probably is, is that she gets so excited and tries to talk so much at one time, that she ends up stuttering like crazy. it's actually super cute to listen to her verbal vomit, but i can't help but wonder if i should worry and tell her to slow down before she starts school, and everyone starts calling her "st-st-st-stuttering stanley."

10.) the uab blazers basketball game versus memphis is fast approaching. this only makes me TOO. DAMN. EXCITED. goooo blazers!!

11.) in my opinion, a clean house with a fully stocked refrigerator and pantry makes every thing right in the world no matter how much sleep you lack.

12.) i wish this weather would stay at a consistent 65-70 degree temp. the whole dropping 20 degrees from one day to the next really annoys me, especially considering my kid now has "park" fever. hurry up, spring!

and lastly,

13.) we have discovered a new trick that works every time with the mabster. if we want her to do something, but she refuses, all we have to say is "abby, if you don't do xyz, we won't go to dance class." she hears this and immediately does what she is told. it's awesome, but i just wonder how long will it last?

Monday, February 16, 2009

the heartbeat of my life

"Love is like water; We can fall in it. We can drown in it. And we can't live without it."

Sunday, February 15, 2009

my funny valentine

saturday (aka valentine's day) was a very busy, but fun one. we started off the day watching the UAB vs. SMU basketball game. the game started at 2:00pm, and we decided to take the girls with us. it was a great game, and (of course) the blazers won. the mabster cheered and ate popcorn the whole time while the grunt slept on me. it's so funny to me that she can sleep through all that noise. big sister was the same way, and at this point, i guess they are just use to it. here is a pic though of the grunt right before she passed out. i love her so incredibly much.the halftime show was awesome. the omega psi phi's took the court and displayed their stepping skills. we loved it. i think the Q-dogs are freakin awesome, and it reminded me so much of how much fun it was watching the NPHC compete in stepping shows. it also reminded me of when we had a mixer with the AKAs and they taught us how to dance. i remember laughing so hard while trying to attempt the moves they made. it was SO much fun. here's a sneak preview...after the game, we dropped off the girls at lola and pawpaw's house so that we could enjoy a nice kidless romantic dinner in celebration of the love day. we ate at the village tavern with our favorite couple. we got there a bit early and enjoyed a couple of glasses of wine while waiting for our double-daters to get there. as YB and mitchelle sat down at our table, mitchelle just had to tell his boyfriend, "hello valentine." it was hilarious. we talked and laughed, and everything was perfect.after dinner, we were stuffed. jay and i had made plans to go bowling, but we both knew that we were exhausted. all we really wanted were our beds. so instead of bowling, we headed to our local target and browsed around without the rush of the kids. i almost forgot how much fun it is to just be chill and hold hubby's hand without both of ours being full. an hour later, we were drinking starbucks and calling it a night. oh, and thanks YB for the special finger i received while driving home...ya'll should just feel lucky that jaydoug was too stuffed to pull his pants down and show ya'll the full moon. too funny.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

i heart VD

friday around 10:30am, i hosted a valentines playgroup at our house. i was super excited about it, as well as the mabster. i told her that both abby's friends and mommy's friends were going to come over so that we could play and party. she wanted to get ready as soon as she woke up. it was the perfect day for it considering the weather was unseasonably warm in the mid-upper 60s. i made the hubster set up the huge bounce slide for the kids so we were set. here's a pic of the girls enjoying some quality mommy time...i ordered 4 pizzas and everybody either brought a dish or chipped in money for the pizza. it was perfect, and we had enough to feed an army. all the moms fixed their kids a plate, and then we fed ourselves. we chatted while letting the kids play, and it was amazing how awesome the kids were being. i couldn't believe it. i was worried that we'd all be crammed, fights would break out, and meltdowns would occur. luckily since the weather was great, some got to spill out into the backyard. the man cave was untouched. no damage done. :)meanwhile inside, we had an arts and crafts table where the kids could make a special heart with cute little arm and legs attached. everyone knows that as a parent, you are a sucker for your kid's art. i know carson (or should i say, karla) had a blast making a valentine heart for daddy. and check out the stinkin' cute is that face?also, i started setting up all of the valentine goody bags that i got for the kids. everyone brought a special valentine and dropped them into each other's bags. the whole process made me remember just how much i use to love doing that as a little girl. now i get to watch my girls experience the same thing. some of these moms went all out, and i must admit that i had a ton of fun raiding the mabster's bag once it was all over with.overall, everyone shared, played, and got along great. i'd like to believe it's because everyone has reached the ultimate comfort level with each other (both moms and kids). everyone already knows each other as well as our kids, and can honestly call each other friends. i had the best time, and i can't wait to host many more. hope everyone had a happy valentine's day!

Friday, February 13, 2009

happy 1/2 year, grunt!!

we love you more and more with each day that passes.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

thursday's thirteen

1.) first off, wow. i can't believe it's already thursday. i almost forgot to do this. here i go...

2.) the other night, we met up with some close friends for dinner nearby. as we drove out of our neighborhood and hit the first red light, we noticed that abby's voice seemed a lot closer than the norm. as we both turned around, there she was standing up right behind jay's head. she was not in her car seat. we freaked out, pulled over, and buckled her in. once we drove off, we died laughing. oops. i think we just won the best parent award for that day.

3.) i always wish on 11:11 and when i see a 777. and always for the same thing: health and happiness

4.) tita karmie is taking the mabster to the mcwane all day today while i get to pump some iron at the Y during bodypump with the twinkie. i'm excited.

5.) love the hubster. it feels like i have a "honey do" list for him every day, and he always knocks it out for the most part. then again, i'm sure he's just sick of my nagging so he does them a lot faster.

6.) any time the mabster wants something (regardless of whether or not we really actually do have it) and i don't feel like finding it, cleaning up a mess, etc., jay and i use the excuse, "oh, we don't have anymore. we'll have to get some more at the store." works like a charm.

7.) i'm having a valentine's playgroup at our house tomorrow, and for the past week, i have been checking the weather forecast like crazy. it's suppose to be a high of 65 with pm showers. as long as the showers aren't in the am, i think it's awesome. especially considering i may have invited a wee bit too many so i'm hoping some of the kids can spill over into the backyard. if not, at least we all like each other. lol

8.) never, i repeat, NEVER go grocery shopping when you are starving. going in to grab one thing quickly turns into 20. eek!

9.) the mabster woke up at 3:30 in the morning on monday. she wanted her daddy who had to get up at 5:00am that same morning to go into work early to start up a new facility. they both watched cartoons on the couch till daddy had to leave. the mabster said, "i don't want daddy to go to work. mommy, you go to work." i responded back with, "sorry sweetie, we'd never survive with mommy's income if mommy had to work." so she let him leave. :)

10.) is it odd that my kid started doing "carpet angels" on the floor after it was just steamed cleaned?

11.) tonight we're meeting an old friend for dinner to gander over my old scrapbooks from high school. oh, it's going to be barrel of laughs tonight!

12.) the laundry has been defeated this week. kim - 1, laundry - 0. ask me again next week, and i'm sure it will be the opposite.

and lastly,

13.) the grunt LOVES her exersaucer. she especially loves hitting the rolling thing with all the beads inside and pulling at everything. i love watching her because for once, it's not my hair that she is trying to grab and pull out.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

good things come to those who wait

so i've been itching for a bar to complete the man cave for the longest time ever. it was suppose to be my "push gift" after having lyla, but i just couldn't decide on a specific one that i really, really liked. then, i found one, but i didn't like the price tag on it so i made hubby cancel the order. i wasn't 100% sold on it so i flaked and kept looking. YB yelled at me. i think she wanted the bar more than i did. lol. for you see, our supper club that we are hosting in april is going to have a "bar" theme. the ideas were flowing...

so over the weekend, we did some looking around for the perfect one. we found it!! it was more than half off, cheaper than the original one i wanted, bar stools were included, and a far more better quality considering it was originally twice the amount that we were willing to spend on the first one. i couldn't believe it. i about shat my pants and really thanked god for unanswered prayers. for you see, if we went ahead and bought the first one, i would have totally missed out on this.....nothing says "thank you for carrying my child for 9+ months in your womb" like a fully loaded bar. i'm in love and SO glad that the man cave is complete. this may have just encouraged us to go on an entertaining/hosting binge. god help us.

Friday, February 6, 2009

loaded dice

bunco, bunco, how i art thou love the bunco. let's see. so friday night, the monthly festivities were held at musicmama's house. she had the best damn margaritas that i have ever put in my mouth awaiting us. i honestly think i had 4 before we even started playing. everyone gathered around the different yummy dishes while i stood behind k-mom's infamous tequila tomatoes. so good. the night started off with giggles and dancing to MM's old school playlist...after chattin' it up for an hour or two, we (being spoken in my manliest announcer voice) let the games begin! the round felt fierce and fast. next thing we know, we get to rolling for the number 5, and all hell breaks loose. it seems that after heather rolled her 35th five at her table, seis realized that it was a loaded dice brought by queen b. it was hilarious and definitely the highlight of the night. here's a pic of everyone's initial reaction followed by karla holding the lucky little cube in her hand. it was classic.the games ended, score sheets were turned in, and the roll offs began. the first roll off for the biggest loser was between k-mom and queen b. k-mom wins! this woman is the luckiest bunco player i have ever known. i think she has won every single month for the past 5 consecutive months. she said it's because of good karma, and i believe her. the second roll off was for the most buncos, and it was between laura, my2suns, and me. i was oh-so hoping to win, but alas, my2suns pulled in for the "W." congrats! and lastly, seis won for the biggest winner. no roll off was required. i am also very happy that she won considering she is a contestant in the debt diet. in her own words, "won money is not my money" so she is ready to spend it. hehe. here's a picture of the wieners. err, winners.we all joined back up in the kitchen for a group pic, followed by one with a few of us and the lucky loaded number 5 dice. we chatted, danced a funky little jive while head bopping to naughty by nature's "OPP" (yeah you know me!), and then some of the smokers headed out to the back porch.while on the back porch two things caught my attention. number 1.) musicmamma's dog with a mullet named "snoop." and why yes, she encouraged me to take his picture for a future facebook tag, and number 2.) what i called a "sex swing." and why yes, she encouraged me to NOT upload to the FB. i told her that i would respect her wishes about FB, but that it was making my blog. for you see, compromise is crucial in a good friendship. so as you scroll down, go ahead and shake your heads because again, i blame the 13 years of catholic school for my perverted mind. but hey, at least the hubby is thankful. (wink)