Saturday, February 28, 2009

guns, ribs, and rock band

saturday afternoon, jay met up with some of his man friends and did manly things. things like shooting skeet and blowing things up. they all caravaned to chilton county where bates' dad owned a shooting range. jay said the set up was super sweet, and honestly, i wouldn't expect anything less coming from clanton (where everything is peachy). later in the night, some of the guys partook in a shrimp boil and poker at bates' lakehouse. here's a picture of the strapping, robust, manly men with their small arsenal...meanwhile at blue momma's house, yankee belle and i got ready for some ribs and rock band. as the mabster calls him, "mr. mark" made the best ribs i have ever put in my mouth. his rub is awesome and he even stood out in the rain grilling them for us for hours. the girls played downstairs the whole time while watching sleeping beauty and eating buckets of popcorn. i swear it's the best they have ever played with each other. it was awesome. here's a pic of the infamous blue daddy ribs...later in the night, we all finished eating and then decided it was game on. jay and mitchelle met up with us as well, and we played rock band till our fingers bled. kidding. we actually talked for quite a while in between breaks of our 5 stars performances. surprisingly, i forgot to get a pic of all of us. it was hard to actually put down the guitar once i warmed up to it all. i hit my all time high of 98% and was stoked. we had an awesome time that night and got home at 1:30am!! wow. guess time really does fly when you're having fun. thanks again for having us, BM and BD!