Sunday, February 1, 2009

jessi's going away party

saturday night, karla and i headed down to the barking kudu around 9:00pm to meet up with the girls for jessi's going away party. as soon as we walked through the door, we ran into a ton of old college friends and even a super close one we had in high school. it was fun, but definitely felt odd being out two nights in a row. after the night we had before, we both knew we weren't going to make it a long night. but nonetheless, we wanted to be there for jessi since she leaves next sunday. eek! we sat by the bar, and all talked about how her wedding plans were going. she told us that our bridesmaids shoes had come in and were super cute. she continued to tell us that they have a 3 1/2 heel on them. my first thought was, "dear lord, i am going to be the first to trip and fall down the aisle." next thought...must go home and practice. here's a group pic of us...these are the girls that we go way back with. our lifestyles are on completely different pages in the fact that none of them have kids, but of course, adore ours. it's nice to have friends like that. that even though they can't chime in with a fellow poop story, they still enjoy hanging out and catching up. the bartenders at the kudu know them well so we were given free celebratory going away shots per jessi's choice. they were grape ones and actually tasted yummy.later in the night, we ran into one of our very best friends during our freshman and sophomore year of high school. jan quails. i love this girl. we used to play soccer with each other, leave each other notes in our lockers talking about our crushes for the month, have sleepovers, and she even taught me how to smoke my first cigarette at her mom's house. ahhh, memories. i have scrapbooked so many pictures, letters, concert stubs, etc. that pertained to all us so we're planning on a dinner some time soon where we can take a walk down memory lane just a looking and laughing at them. i'm quite excited.


Anonymous said...

Boo for Jessi leaving :( (Love you, Mama - you will be sorely missed!) and Yay for finding Jan again... I'm sure those high school scrapbooks are going to be hilarious to look at during dinner!
~ Karla