Wednesday, February 25, 2009

moms night out

met up with the girls tonight at superior grill for some mexican, margaritas, music, and a whole lot of running our mouths! who knew that we'd end up closing the place down after rambling for 4 straight hours? i don't think anyone even left their seat other than to pee and pay our tab. it was awesome. guess we all had a lot of catching up to do followed by a lot of laughs. as usual, it was a great time with great friends. loves me some good quality moms night outs!

(disclaimer: for the sake of yankee belle's pride and dignity, i will refrain from posting the party foul pic that looked like she pee'd her pants. however, in return, i will thank her for the countless laughs she supplies us with. you're special, and we love you.)


Yankee Belle said...

LOL - Thank God the restaurant was empty by the time my mishap occured. Great times, great times!! (as always!)

Kim said...

just work on those kegel's and you'll be okay. :)