Sunday, February 15, 2009

my funny valentine

saturday (aka valentine's day) was a very busy, but fun one. we started off the day watching the UAB vs. SMU basketball game. the game started at 2:00pm, and we decided to take the girls with us. it was a great game, and (of course) the blazers won. the mabster cheered and ate popcorn the whole time while the grunt slept on me. it's so funny to me that she can sleep through all that noise. big sister was the same way, and at this point, i guess they are just use to it. here is a pic though of the grunt right before she passed out. i love her so incredibly much.the halftime show was awesome. the omega psi phi's took the court and displayed their stepping skills. we loved it. i think the Q-dogs are freakin awesome, and it reminded me so much of how much fun it was watching the NPHC compete in stepping shows. it also reminded me of when we had a mixer with the AKAs and they taught us how to dance. i remember laughing so hard while trying to attempt the moves they made. it was SO much fun. here's a sneak preview...after the game, we dropped off the girls at lola and pawpaw's house so that we could enjoy a nice kidless romantic dinner in celebration of the love day. we ate at the village tavern with our favorite couple. we got there a bit early and enjoyed a couple of glasses of wine while waiting for our double-daters to get there. as YB and mitchelle sat down at our table, mitchelle just had to tell his boyfriend, "hello valentine." it was hilarious. we talked and laughed, and everything was perfect.after dinner, we were stuffed. jay and i had made plans to go bowling, but we both knew that we were exhausted. all we really wanted were our beds. so instead of bowling, we headed to our local target and browsed around without the rush of the kids. i almost forgot how much fun it is to just be chill and hold hubby's hand without both of ours being full. an hour later, we were drinking starbucks and calling it a night. oh, and thanks YB for the special finger i received while driving home...ya'll should just feel lucky that jaydoug was too stuffed to pull his pants down and show ya'll the full moon. too funny.


Yankee Belle said...

I'm trying to remember Mitchelle's Vday Poem for JayDoug too...but crapola I can't. xoxo

Kim said...

oh yes, yes!! how did i forget that? it went something like this...

"roses are red, violets are blue,
if we have one more drink here,
we'll be at home field too."


Anonymous said...

love the village tavern...we dine there often!