Thursday, February 5, 2009

thursday's thirteen

1.) the mabster is like her momma. she loves taking some pics. if i accidentally leave my camera any where slightly within her reach, she is after it. she knows exactly how to use it, and can even preview the picture after she just took it. i have created a monster.

2.) with that being said, do you know how many random pictures i have had to delete off of my memory card? pics of the floor, her nose, the ceiling, the couch, baby sister's ear, her own feet. i've thought about helping her practice on her aim, but then i'd just be encouraging her habit...and we only need one person in this house with a picture addiction. wonder who that is?

3.) i'm so excited that the weekend is going to be sunny and warm. with the high of 68, it almost makes me want to go my backyard. :)

4.) the grunt is starting to sit up on her own like a big girl. occasionally, she will nose dive if she loses her balance, but she is always all smiles. i. love. her. SOO. incredibly much.

5.) i feel like the weight of the world has been lifted off of my shoulders. i don't know what it is. it could be because now our whole house has kicked sickness to the curb, as well as the fact that i have realized the truth about so many things without the help of others. i just feel like a better person both physically and mentally. i believe i have officially found my sanity. i missed it for awhile there.

6.) the guys are going out to hooter's tonight. wonder if the hubster will bring me back some wings? only if the pitchers of beer don't fog up his memory.

7.) i swear i think my heart could explode after i kiss all over the grunt when she first wakes up. i heart those cheeks!

8.) i hate these damn dogs that have been getting in our trash lately. they're big dogs too. if i catch them in the act and try to scare them away, they seriously drag the whole garbage bag with them. now i'm scared.

9.) the mabster is now no longer a private pooper in her tee-tee diaper. she will poop on the big "big girl potty" and yell for me when she's done. hooray!! i was worried that we would never get to this point.

10.) tomorrow night is bunco, and i'm actually hoping that the girls who are partaking in the "debt diet" win. then maybe we can all hit up the $1 movie theatre next week. a movie for a buck rocks!

11.) the other night, jay and i passed each other in the kitchen and exchanged a kiss. the mabster was sitting at the table, saw, and said out loud, "awwwww." right there at that moment, i knew we were doing something right.

12.) i've started potty training the mabster this week. she has done pretty good so far, but boy, is it a lot of work. especially when we're on the go like yesterday. she had her first accident while in dance class. i had a feeling she would since it's an hour long, and she is so focused on dancing. no biggie, i brought an extra change of clothes and "big girl panties." today, we're not leaving the house.

and lastly,

13.) this exact same time last year, i was planning karla maria's baby shower. now it's YB's, and next month's will be BM. that's just crazy to me. i am SO excited about all these new babies!


Yankee Belle said...

Where is the time going?! I rem Karla's babyshower like it was yesterday...

Raven said...

Did you get your hot wings? :-)

Btw - Good luck with the potty training! Be glad she is a girl...its a lot harder for boys! They have to aim! Hahaha!


K-Mom said...

It does seem like time is flying, doesn't it? I'll probably be calling you soon for potty training advice. Miss Priss is ready, but her mommy is extremely lazy.

Kim said...

raven- i didn't get my hot wings, but i expected that... (smirk with a shoulder shrug)

k-mom- don't take potty training advice from me yet. i am still quite the novice. one day day.