Thursday, February 12, 2009

thursday's thirteen

1.) first off, wow. i can't believe it's already thursday. i almost forgot to do this. here i go...

2.) the other night, we met up with some close friends for dinner nearby. as we drove out of our neighborhood and hit the first red light, we noticed that abby's voice seemed a lot closer than the norm. as we both turned around, there she was standing up right behind jay's head. she was not in her car seat. we freaked out, pulled over, and buckled her in. once we drove off, we died laughing. oops. i think we just won the best parent award for that day.

3.) i always wish on 11:11 and when i see a 777. and always for the same thing: health and happiness

4.) tita karmie is taking the mabster to the mcwane all day today while i get to pump some iron at the Y during bodypump with the twinkie. i'm excited.

5.) love the hubster. it feels like i have a "honey do" list for him every day, and he always knocks it out for the most part. then again, i'm sure he's just sick of my nagging so he does them a lot faster.

6.) any time the mabster wants something (regardless of whether or not we really actually do have it) and i don't feel like finding it, cleaning up a mess, etc., jay and i use the excuse, "oh, we don't have anymore. we'll have to get some more at the store." works like a charm.

7.) i'm having a valentine's playgroup at our house tomorrow, and for the past week, i have been checking the weather forecast like crazy. it's suppose to be a high of 65 with pm showers. as long as the showers aren't in the am, i think it's awesome. especially considering i may have invited a wee bit too many so i'm hoping some of the kids can spill over into the backyard. if not, at least we all like each other. lol

8.) never, i repeat, NEVER go grocery shopping when you are starving. going in to grab one thing quickly turns into 20. eek!

9.) the mabster woke up at 3:30 in the morning on monday. she wanted her daddy who had to get up at 5:00am that same morning to go into work early to start up a new facility. they both watched cartoons on the couch till daddy had to leave. the mabster said, "i don't want daddy to go to work. mommy, you go to work." i responded back with, "sorry sweetie, we'd never survive with mommy's income if mommy had to work." so she let him leave. :)

10.) is it odd that my kid started doing "carpet angels" on the floor after it was just steamed cleaned?

11.) tonight we're meeting an old friend for dinner to gander over my old scrapbooks from high school. oh, it's going to be barrel of laughs tonight!

12.) the laundry has been defeated this week. kim - 1, laundry - 0. ask me again next week, and i'm sure it will be the opposite.

and lastly,

13.) the grunt LOVES her exersaucer. she especially loves hitting the rolling thing with all the beads inside and pulling at everything. i love watching her because for once, it's not my hair that she is trying to grab and pull out.


Jamie said...

HAHA..I use #6 at least once a day!

Kim said...

jamie, that's great!!

Anonymous said...

another great one! thanks for my weekly dose of kim!

oh and about forgetting to buckle abby in...if this is the 1st time then you guys are doing GREAT!!!
i stopped counting along time ago with ty! poor thing he is never buckled it seems like!

see i really don't need anymore kids!


Kim said...

hahaha, love it, amy!