Thursday, February 19, 2009

thursday's thirteen

1.) last sunday, the mabster went to a birthday party. while playing with her friends outside, their dog decided to chase her. she is so scared of dogs. i have never seen her run as fast as she did. daddy snatched her up, and she clinged on to his shirt for dear life. after the mabster calmed down, jay said that he thought the look on the her face was hilarious. he then asked if that made him a bad parent. i don't think so. i have to admit, it was pretty funny.

2.) with that being said, it's funny how the smaller the dog, the more terrified she gets. this one was a small dog.

3.) i am on a sandwich addiction right now. there's nothing better than thinly sliced turkey on fresh soft bread. yummmmm, i think i may make me one now...

4.) guy's night is tonight. it seems they have all missed each other. either that, or they just need an excuse to get out of the house. i think it's the latter.

5.) we have been on the go,go,go all week. monday, we went to storytime, snack, and craft at the library followed by a picnic in a nearby park. tuesday, we went to the zoo all day and then to lunch. wednesday was dance class, lunch, and errands. today? today, i am not leaving my house. tomorrow's a playdate with close friends, and this weekend is just as busy. whew, who the hell signed me up for all of this stuff? oh wait, i did. i may be crazy for taking on too much some times, but i actually really do enjoy it.

6.) whoever says that they'd be bored if they were a SAHM has never walked in my shoes.

7.) i did not realize that they sold marshmallows in small packaged bags. i have recently bought some and consider them a god-send. the mabster loves them, especially the pink ones. if it makes my kid happy, i am happy.

8.) hubby got a new car a couple of weeks ago, and i got to drive it for the first time last weekend. i think it is way too advanced for me. i felt like i was in a batmobile or something. things like pushing a button to start the car, a camera in the back is used when in reverse, you can say "call kim" out loud and it dials my phone, there are millions of radio stations to listen to, and the navigational system is freakin' awesome. i guess all that techy stuff is right up his alley. for me? i get a little nervous...i like pushing buttons and there's just way too many. my mom would go nuts!

9.) the mabster's vocabulary is spewing right now. the only probably is, is that she gets so excited and tries to talk so much at one time, that she ends up stuttering like crazy. it's actually super cute to listen to her verbal vomit, but i can't help but wonder if i should worry and tell her to slow down before she starts school, and everyone starts calling her "st-st-st-stuttering stanley."

10.) the uab blazers basketball game versus memphis is fast approaching. this only makes me TOO. DAMN. EXCITED. goooo blazers!!

11.) in my opinion, a clean house with a fully stocked refrigerator and pantry makes every thing right in the world no matter how much sleep you lack.

12.) i wish this weather would stay at a consistent 65-70 degree temp. the whole dropping 20 degrees from one day to the next really annoys me, especially considering my kid now has "park" fever. hurry up, spring!

and lastly,

13.) we have discovered a new trick that works every time with the mabster. if we want her to do something, but she refuses, all we have to say is "abby, if you don't do xyz, we won't go to dance class." she hears this and immediately does what she is told. it's awesome, but i just wonder how long will it last?


Amber said...

I love that Abby does whatever you tell her when you threaten no dance because in my 10 years of dance I think that would have made me even more less likely to do what was asked of me lol

Kim said...

too funny, amber! that's the same thing my parents said about my older sister. they said she was in dance for over a year and didn't really care for it at all. but once she started sports, she was all about it.

i'm glad the mabster loves dance, but i really hope she loves soccer. i think little girls in tacky striped soccer socks are the cutest thing ever!