Thursday, February 26, 2009

thursday's thirteen

1.) today, i'm taking lyla to her 6 month doctor appointment in the morning, and then we're headed over to tita karmie's house. she has spent the last 7 days at mardi gras and is granting the mabster permission to be the first to sort through her loot. i can only imagine how many beads that woman has come home with...

2.) i had a nosebleed the other day, and my first thought was, "oh shit, i need to get off of this island." wow. that is enough proof in itself that i am addicted and consumed with watching LOST.

3.) i love how animated lyla is now. i love how when she gets excited, she frantically flops around like a fish out of water. and her smile? she does it all the time. i love it.

4.) tuesday night, we met up with some friends for a free kid's concert at the library. we ate at the cantina after wards, and it turned out being a really fun family triple-date night.

5.) while at the library, jay and i got a kick out of watching the mabster dance to the musician's silly songs. we looked at each other and realized just how far along she has come. the mabster use to be a shy, quiet, passive little girl. now, she runs into the crowd with all the other "big girls," front and center, and shakes what her momma gave her. we're so proud.

6.) it is SO relieving to have a BFF who lives so super close who is willing and ready to watch my kids for me while i run some errands, get my hair done, go to the doctor, have a hot date night out with the hubster, etc. i honestly have NO idea how i would make it without her. i firmly believe that God put her in my life for so many different reasons. you know who you are, and i swear, i owe you SO much. thank you.

7.) saturday, jay plans to blow things up and shoot some skeet with the guys in clanton, and then we're meeting up with some other friends later that night for lots of laughs and conversation. it'll be low key, and i'm ready.

8.) sunday, i am helping co-host a bridal tea for our friend, jessi. dear god, i have no idea what to wear, and these girls are trendy. they are still up to date on the latest fashions, and i am a mom with no clue. looks like i'll be going in a black dress. let's just hope lyla doesn't spit up on it before i walk out the door.

9.) with that being said, her bachelorette party is next weekend in nashvegas. karla maria and i plan to go shopping soon...we want to act and feel like we've still "got it." HA!

10.) as you can tell, this week's been busy just like the last which only means that the score is: laundry-50, me-0. that's okay though because i can totally knock it out all day tomorrow. it may be laughing at me now, but i've got some mad skills once i get in the zone...just ask the hubby. that's one (out of the 50 gazillion =P) things he has said that he loves about me.

11.) the mabster's newest book that came in the mail the other day is titled "gobble-gobble crash, a barnyard counting bash." i have lost count at how many times she has made me read it to her just within the past week. so thank you, dolly parton's imagination library, my kid is now gobbling like a turkey.

12.) why is it that when i'm already running late, there is always something else that will happen that will make me double late. some times i actually believe that i will make it on time, and then murphy's law comes out to bite me in the ass. it's like it's inevitable.

and lastly,

13.) the UAB vs. Memphis basketball game is tonight!! everybody and their mother is stoked. the guys are leaving work early to booze it up at j clyde's, and then we're all tailgating outside of bartow arena hours before the tip off. YB is watching the girls for us because we've got plans to get rowdy. GOOO BLAZERS!!!


Yankee Belle said...

I'm looking forward to the days when I can get rowdy with you!!!

Kim said...

YB, my thoughts exactly!!!