Thursday, February 26, 2009

uab vs. memphis

thursday night was an exciting eventful night. once jay came home from work, we dropped off the girls, and then headed to j clydes to meet some friends for dinner and drinks before the uab vs. memphis basketball game at bartow arena. we all sat outside on the patio, and the weather felt awesome. it was good seeing some friends that we hadn't seen since christmas, and better yet finding out that one couple is now expecting their first baby. congrats to the dentici's!after dinner and some drinks, we headed over to bartow to meet up with some more friends to tailgate for a bit before the game started. it was funny to watch all the memphis fans pile out of their buses, and then hear peacock say, "go back to memphis...memphis!" yeah, some had been pre-game drinking a little earlier than others. so the time is getting close, and we all decide to head for our seats in preparation for the big game.we make our way inside, and it is packed! tickets were SOLD OUT, and there was blazer spirit every where. the theme for the night was "the gold rush," and everybody was encouraged to wear gold. it was nice because even t-shirts were supplied on the seats of the lower level. tip off begins, and the house is rowdy. we played awesome throughout the whole first quarter with the score being neck and neck. we were pumped. then within the last 9 minutes, the refs pretty much handed memphis the game. they called the most ridiculous fouls i have ever seen (3 back to back) and even labeled one a technical. it was SO aggravating. so they bumped up into a 8-10 point lead, and the rest was history. the blazers lost, but we put up a good fight against #4 ranked memphis.oh and supposedly, jay and i were caught on tv towards the end of the game. our seats are right there behind the announcers so when the camera recorded the refs reviewing a play on the monitor, it taped us as well. i got excited because after that point, everybody kept calling us to say that they saw us on tv. ESPN2 eat your heart out!