Monday, March 30, 2009

the easter bunny

we met up with some friends today at brookwood village so that abby and lyla could get their picture taken with the easter bunny. as soon as karla and i walked up and saw his big ole' head, we began worrying how the kids would react to him. he kinda scared me, honestly. so we waited for lil B to go first so that she could set the tone for our kids. i used this technique for santa as well, and it worked like a charm. they all loved him. the easter bunny was playing hide-and-go-seek and waving to them the whole time. once the mabster saw his basket full of suckers, she knew he had to be alright. the girls did awesome. here is their picture...lastly, i really loved this easter bunny. i knew he was experienced with handling little kids when he ever so gently pushed the mabster's hand down as she starting picking her nose during the picture. now that's skill. honestly. how does he even notice something like that when his head is as big as it is? props to you, mr. easter bunny. see you next year!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

happy 1st birthday, elise!

sunday, we headed down to the ATL in celebration of my cousin, elise's, first birthday. jay, abby, lyla, karla, tre, carson, my mom, and i all loaded up into the new armada. it was big bertha's first mini road trip, and we were all excited. the birthday lunch took place at the oriental pearl restaurant, and it was an experience in itself. the meal was a chinese cuisine which involved a wide range of light dishes called a "dim sum." i've never been to this kind of a restaurant so we thought it was pretty neat. before i go any further, here's a picture of the birthday girl about to dive into her cake.alright so where was i? anyway, they brought out a lot of different little dishes around on a cart. if you like it or want to try it, you just point to it, and they place it on your table. it was fun, but mostly funny. we didn't know what half of the stuff had in it. in fact, we were probably eating dog for all we know. the jokes were flying left and right. we were being experimental and laughing so hard while questioning certain dishes. jay even tried the chicken feet, but couldn't cut through the rubbery cartilage so he passed it on to karla's plate. at this point, we were all laughing and holding our mouths in fear of regurgitation. i am still mad at myself for not getting a picture of two chicken feet hanging out of jay's mouth. man, that would have made a great pic. ha! i think tre even ate a coagulated blood ball in his soup. i'm not kidding. honestly though, other than those two surprise dishes, everything was pretty good. we really enjoyed it, but mostly, we enjoyed seeing family that we haven't seen in years. my mom's side of the family live all over and really only get to see everyone at weddings or birthdays. here is a picture of the filipina mafia. :)notice the mabster. by the end of the meal, it was her nap time and she was fading fast. i think she was upset that daddy tried to eat chicken little too. LOL. blech. overall, we really had a great time. the experience in itself was awesome. i'll never do it again, but hey, at least i can say i've been to a "dim sum." the 2 and half car ride home was hysterical. happy first birthday, elise! we love you, sweet girl!

Friday, March 27, 2009

game night!

friday night, we headed over to karmie's house for a game night. everyone has been trash-talking since the last one, so we'd figured it was due time for another challenge. during the first round, we split off into our usual teams. it was the S.A.H.M.s (stay at home moms) vs. the S.L.O.B.s (single ladies of birmingham). our team names were appropriately given to us by karmie. before the game of "catch phrase" got started, we decided to confine the kids using karen's big ole island of a sofa. cute idea, but it only really lasted about 10 minutes till they were all sitting with us in the circle. next time maybe we should put karmie's 60 pound bag of moon pies in the middle. hmmm, that might possibly work...once all the guys got there, we counted it up, and the guy-to-girl ratio was equivalent. so we mixed up teams, and it turned into a match of estrogen vs. testosterone. it was hilarious. during the first round, the girls dominated. it was nice. we were dancing in their faces and cheering like we won the lottery. then, our pride took a backseat. the guys were ready for us. finally they brought their A game and beat us the next couple of rounds. they were hilarious. only a man can understand their lingo. the man code. for example, when "anna kournikova" showed up on the beeper, and bowman's said "hot russian tennis player," it took all of one second for bo to know it. i'll admit though, that was an easy one, but still funny. this one takes the cake though...

bowman: "this is me!! c'mon guys, this is what ya'll think of me!!"
(long pause followed by many random guesses from the other males till the time on the buzzer counts down...)
all the other guys: "dude, what was it??"
bowman: "perfection"

too much fun. next time we play, i am finding a babysitter. my excuse and only reasoning for why the guys beat us was because my attention was totally diverted on the kids the whole time. do you know how hard it is to motion doing jumping jacks while feeding a baby? it's hard. i think i almost threw lyla or the bottle while anxiously trying to express the phrase "apple jacks." good times, good times.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

girl's night!

the pomegranate margaritas made the soreness and pain of body pump go away...if only for a couple of hours. there's nothing better than a superior grill fix. i think good friends, mexican, margaritas, and a live band will almost cure anything. thank you, ladies! until next time...

pumping some iron

i just got back from the gym after enduring a body pump class with karla and karmie at the Y. it was the first time all 3 of us were able to catch a class at the same time. highlights? here they are...

~ karmie made fun of me and my lunges. she said i looked like i was busting out the butterfly (old school dance move), and quickly gave my lunges a name of their own..."the lungerfly." i'm just glad i could provide a bit of comic relief for those who were actually doing them right.

~ towards the end of the workout when we had to lay down and lift the weights over the back of our head, i started getting nervous. my arms started shaking so hard that i was worried they were going to give out on me. i pictured the barbell falling quickly and snapping my neck. it wasn't pretty. i was nervously scared which was evident by my nervous laughter.

~ i love working out with my sisters. especially when something gets hard or starts burning like a biotch because we just start looking at each other and die laughing, all while trying to maintain seriousness in front of the instructor. so if we start turning purple in the back row, it's because of a good work-out, but also because we are holding in our laughter. breathing is overrated.

~ push-ups. boy push-ups or girl push-ups? ummm, that would be girl push-ups. slow and steady wins the race because i'll be damned if i fall straight on face. my upper body strength is rusty. it's there, but still rusty.

~ i am already sore. just sitting here and typing this. sad? yes. only a margarita can make the pain go away...

thursday's thirteen

1.) the mabster is on an "all by myself" kick right now. "i washed my hands all by myself!" "i colored a circle all by myself!" i love her new growing independence.

2.) i love taking showers, but truth be told, i hate blow drying my hair. maybe i should pull a britney and shave my head.

3.) friday night is game night at tita karmie's house. it's time to get our "catch phrase" on!

4.) tonight, i'm meeting up with some friends for some quality girl time at superior grill. we love this place. i mean honestly, you can't go wrong with mexican and margaritas.

5.) i am keeping up with my LOST, no doubt...but my grey's anatomy is a different story.

6.) the mabster received her dance costume yesterday while at class. they will be taking their class and individual pictures in a couple of weeks, and her dance recital is coming up soon. i love this kind of stuff.

7.) i had to bid farewell to my "jana" (honda accord) last tuesday. it was actually very bittersweet. she has been so good to me over the past 7 years. but as fast as we keep reproducing, it was time for something bigger. with open arms, i gladly embraced "big bertha" (nissan armada). and yes, i give my cars their own special name.

8.) "big bertha" is my birthday present (3 weeks early). i can already tell that it is going to be the BEST birthday yet. thank you, jaybear. you don't know how much i love and appreciate my new big mommamobile.

9.) i am ready for a ROAD TRIP!!!

10.) today will be the first day for karla, karmie, and i to all get together and enjoy a bodypump class together. i am feeling the burn already.

11.) monday, we are taking the girls to see the easter bunny at brookwood village. these holidays really do creep up on you fast. i'm just thankful that they already have matching spring dresses to wear.

12.) i actually really like soggy rainy days some times. they make me want to stay in my pajamas and just bum. yesterday, was a good day for it. another plus though was that it washed away all that damn pollen.

and lastly,

13.) the mabster is quiet and shy one minute, and then miss sassy the next. she has now started telling me, "don't do that...NEVER!" i don't mind, but when is she age appropriate to start teaching her the proper usage of double negatives?

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

"hold my calls"

i have officially hired my own personal secretary. she goes by the name, "miss mabster." she displays great rapport with my clients, and is trustworthy and attentive. miss mabster is as professional as a 2 year old can get. every time i go to feed and lay baby lyla down for a nap, i hand over both the home and my cell phone to my secretary as i tell her to "hold my calls." here's a fine example of her excellent work ethics...

(the phone rings)
miss mabster: "hello?"
tita karla: "hey abby, what's mommy doing?"
miss mabster: "she is laying baby sister asleep."
tita karla: "oh, baby sister's asleep?"
miss mabster: "yeah. mommy's asleep too. bye-bye!"
(hangs up the phone as i come walking into the room)

me: "who was that, abby?"
miss mabster: "tita karla"
me: "what did she want?"
miss mabster: "sleep."

tita karla told me this story the other day, and it makes me think that my personal secretary would be an awesome player when it comes to that game "telephone." you know the one. it's where the first player whispers a sentence to the next player. each player successively whispers what that player believes he/she heard to the next. then, the last player announces the statement to the entire group. errors typically accumulate in the retellings so the statement announced by the last player differs significantly from the one uttered by the first...yep, that's my mabster. don't worry though, i pay her with marshmallows.

Monday, March 23, 2009

swing lyla, swing!

today, we met up with some friends at homewood park so that the kids could run around and play. it was nice knowing that the big kids had to return back to school today so that the midget toddlers could reclaim their playground back. hehe. and that, they did. i'll admit that it's hard going out with 2 kids now. packing, carrying, monitoring...everything is twice as hard. but with that being said, i love the fact that now the mabster can just run free and do her own thing with her friends. i remember being so uptight as i'd watch and help her climb up ladders, stairs, etc. now, she is her own woman and can do it all. she even helps push her friends while they swing. damn, my kid is a good friend to have! LOL lastly, the best highlight at the park today was that little lyla was able to swing for the first time ever. i sat her in the infant swing, let her chubby legs dangle, pushed her back ever so slightly, and the enjoyment on her face was almost immediate. i love her more and more every day.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

2008 vs. 2009

i was scanning through my pics the other day when i came across these. here are some pics of the first weekend (easter weekend) of 2008 when we first took the boat out on the water and officially labeled it, "lake season."

*****2008*****now here are the pics from this past weekend which marked the start of lake season 2009. i thought the comparison of these were pretty neat. enjoy!


Saturday, March 21, 2009

eat, sleep, lake

we love lake season, but more importantly, the lake house. at the lake house, our family bonds more than ever. you never have to worry about your child's every need because as soon as you can think about fulfilling it, it has already been met...thanks to family (especially lola and mamaw). thank you.

also, there have been a lot of "firsts" for our girls that have taken place inside the lake house. for example, the mabster took her first steps (7 to be exact) at 11-months-old in front of mamaw while everyone sat in the den. i remember it like it was yesterday. furthermore, this past weekend, lyla ate her first bowl of grits made by lola while at the lake house. and oh, how she loved them! here's a pic of our tiny miss pac man...after breakfast, we just hung out on the boat while listening to some old school CCR. it's fabulous, and in my opinion, the best lake music ever. although, jay had to bust out the, "i'm on a boat" song every now and then...will it ever get old? probably not. the weather was in the mid-70s, but the temp of the water was a low 50s. needless to say, we enjoyed a nice cruise on the lake, but we definitely did not get in it. we did, however, see some people tubing and quickly judged them as delusional. seriously. that's just crazy.saturday, jay and my dad had a little target practice while shooting their guns. then, jay grilled out some ribs, mom made fried rice, and mamaw brought a cake. it was delicious. right at dusk, the guys went fishing, and then, we all sat around watching the march madness basketball games. we even got to practice our "catch phrase" skills later in the night. lola was on a roll. it was pretty funny. what was funnier was jay's idea to put a floaty around lyla to cushion her just in case she fell back. it worked quite nicely actually.also, the mabster noticed that we kept stacking cushions around baby sister just in case she went any where so she decided that she'd help stack some up too. she's helpful like that. i swear i did not stage this pic. just ask anyone who was there. it was hilarious. my favorite is their facial says it all!

Friday, March 20, 2009

oak mountain

friday, we met up with some friends at the petting zoo at oak mountain. it was a beautiful day, and we all knew that we wanted to be out in it, but refused to go to a local playground and bare witness to the chaos that is spring breakers. the mabster is still not a fan of animals. guess this explains why we don't have pets. she is terrified of them, but i still cautiously try to get her acquainted with them. i still find it odd that she loves holding and chasing her lola and nana lin's cats, yet seeing a duck will freak her out. i don't get it. but, it is humorous. at least to my benefit. sorry. it's the truth. i digress. anyways, here's a pic of the girls confined to their double-stroller. it was the only way they felt safe. check out the mabster eye-ballin' a sheep...she did like the "oink-oink" piggy however. but only because he was sleeping, i'm sure. that, and the fact that he was enclosed in his gate. after we played and pretend petted all the animals, we all packed a lunch for a picnic beside the playground. the mabster was all about the swings, and oh dear gawd, she could not get enough of the ginormous steep slide. i really appreciate anne for helping me monitor the kids going down that thing. she'd help them climb up safely, and then it was like too fast and furious going down as i caught them in mid-air. i use to be a goal keeper in high school. my catch is good. for the most part. hey, i kept the kids alive, and that's all that matters, right? the last pic is of the mabster and LM holding hands and conspiring against their mothers, i'm sure. just so you kids know...we're on to you guys! ;)

Thursday, March 19, 2009

thursday's thirteen

1.) when the mabster is about to do something wrong, jay always bust out her middle name while telling her to stop. he'll say, "abby may, do not do that!" well the other day in the car, jay took away her balloon to fix the string, and the mabster screamed out "daddy may, you stop that!!" we laughed. you know your in trouble when your own kid starts busting out the middle name on you...too bad it was the wrong one.

2.) tomorrow, we're going to the oak mountain petting zoo with some friends. i am very curious to see how the mabster is going to act after almost a year has gone by since we were last there. at least billy goat gruff won't attempt to eat tissue paper out of my stroller again.

3.) my lips are chapped as hell right now. couldn't understand why till hubster kissed me, and i felt his scruffy face. ack! i did not marry a mountain man. i hate facial hair so i had to tell him to shave asap.

4.) the inside of my car was a train wreck. i had old scrapbooks on the floorboard along with animal crackers and cheese-its. i could have probably fed a small army with how many i had to pick up. sheesh.

5.) lyla is such a happy smiley baby. she is quiet and chill, but as soon as you look at her, her face lights up. i love her SOO incredibly much. and yes, it's so can definitely love your second one just as much as your first.

6.) jay took off from work today to get his boat summerized which only means...(drumroll please)'s gonna be a LAKE WEEKEND!!!! ahh, high of 71 and sunshine, here we come!!

7.) i wasn't able to watch LOST last night due to me hosting a jewelry party. it has been recorded on my DVR though, and i am anxiously awaiting to watch it. i hear it was awesome. *squeal*

8.) the hubster has started drinking protein shakes this week. augh, can i just say that it has made him one gassy mofo!? good grief, it is beyond being humorous at this point. seriously, jay. stop. :)

9.) the mabster saw a big bellied old man the other day, pointed at him, and called him "santa." i thought it was pretty funny. hopefully, he didn't hear...not sure if he'd feel the same way.

10.) we're going to a playgroup at music mama's house today and then meeting up with daddy for lunch. i heart his off days. they are few and far between, but when it's golden.

11.) my right arm is killing me. i think i have overused it this week with carrying 50 million things around all the time. please make this aching pain go away.

12.) i am so uber excited that it's almost the weekend. especially since we'll be at the lake. hopefully, i can catch up on some much-needed sleep. while on a boat. with the wind in my hair. the sun on my face. bundled up in a blanket. good lord, are we there yet!?

and lastly,

13.) i think it's funny when my mom and jay try to trash talk each other when it comes to their march madness brackets. if i were jay, i'd be mom's got mad skills.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

bling-bling partay

one of the many, many things i love about facebook is the reuniting of old friends. it is nice to catch up with people through the FB because honestly, i'd have no idea what half of my old and new friends are doing if it weren't for my newest hobby/addiction. well awhile back, one of my old high school friends messaged me. we are both moms now and exchanged some funny stories. well, she just started a new side job of selling jewelry to earn some extra cash. she asked if i was interested in hosting a party so i said, "sure, why not."the ball started rolling, and next thing you know, a few close friends and i are browsing through some catalogues, trying on some bling, drinking margaritas, and inhaling cheap pizza. it was nice. thank you to all who came. when you support me, it helps me support an old, i get a discount and free jewelry. it's a win-win, right!? ;) seriously though, thanks ladies. it was a great time!

spring pics

around this time every year, we have always gone to the botanical gardens so that daddy can take pics of the mabster in her easter/spring dress. well this year was no different, other than the fact that now sweet little lyla is here with us too. so nan made the girls matching spring dresses, and as soon as i saw them, i knew that those were the ones that they would wear at their photo shoot. nan also made the skirt and matching scarf that i am wearing in our family pic. i love the pattern of it. it has a vintagy-country look to it.i love our family pic minus the old lady that you can see behind us. LOL. jay said he will photoshop her out, but i'm too impatient to wait on it so i went ahead and uploaded it.abby and lyla were so sweet. they really enjoyed being out in the beautiful weather, and it was a lot of fun to watch abby dance around and twirl her dress. lyla was in heaven and all smiles.overall, it was hard, but funny while trying to get both of them to look at the camera at the same time. i'm not even sure if we have one where both of them are looking, but i have learned that the candid shots are the sweetest. so thanks nan for always making new, cute, handmade outfits for both me and the girls. i love that i never have to ask because you know me well enough to make it a surprise. also, thank you, hubster for always taking the time out of your day to take the girls pics for me. ya'lls work is beautiful, and i love you both.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

happy st. patty's day!

in honor of st. patrick's day, the girls and i dressed up in our green attire and met up with some friends for a playgroup. as tempting as it was to act too cool and not wear the traditional color just so that we would get pinched all day, we refrained. it was fun walking through the door, only to see a sea of green. it was like the incredible hulk had spewed chunks every where. here are some pics.just when i thought i had the girls trained for the camera, they pull off this stunt. the mabster clearly hides her face while lyla is looking at her wondering what is going on. thanks k-mom for capturing this real hilarious moment.the kids went cuh-razy over this butterfly game. the deafening, ear-bleeding shrieks were continuous and pretty funny. soon after, we let them burn off some energy outside.look at my sweet girl!! happy first st. patty's day, lyla. i know you wore your green, but that still didn't stop me and everyone else from pinching those sweet cheeks. we love you!it felt amazing outside today. the kids played in the sandbox and the swings while the breeze blew in the 73 degree weather. it was gaw-geous. hello, spring!!

later that night, we met up with our favorite fellow g'dalers for some green beer at o'charley's. we figured we'd pick a restaurant that's name bared an O' in it, that way we'd feel slightly festive. hey, it worked. lol. it was a fun double date family dinner, and lyla sat up in a high chair for the first time ever. she looked so super cute sitting there like a big girl and not like a baby in her pumpkin seat. ahh, time is flying by far too fast. after dinner, we all went grocery shopping and got some ice cream. it was a great family night all around. happy saint patty's day, everyone!

Monday, March 16, 2009

birthday girls

last week was a week filled with birthdays! last thursday night, we headed over to nan's house to celebrate auntie red's 29th birthday. her original birthday is march 4th, but thursday was the best time to get all of the family together. it was a great dinner made by nan, and a good time. happy birthday, auntie red!here's a pic of the girls sitting on the nan's couch while watching the wonder pets after dinner. the mabster always has to sit right beside baby sister. they are so sweet to each other.then on sunday, we headed over to our friend's house to celebrate her little girl, townley's first birthday. momma amy is definitely a super mom and practically made everything there from the food, party favors, townley's accessories, and not to mention, her home is fan-freakin-tastic! i would love to live in a house like that and have already packed my bags to move in. hehe. oh, and thank you for the multiple cupcakes, amy...i think i am just now coming down from the sugar high. happy first birthday, townley!so after birthday party number one on sunday, we made a mad dash to meet up with jay's side of the family in order to celebrate auntie jess's 24th birthday. auntie jess's original birthday was last wednesday, march the 11th, but since she lives in the ATL, she decided to come home this weekend for a celebratory lunch. auntie jess and blake stayed in our guest bedroom downstairs (aka, suite a la jess), and the mabster always loves their visits. happy birthday, auntie jess!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

funny faces

so tita karla came over to watch the mabster for me the other day while i took lyla to the doctor. as karla maria was leaving, she said, "oh by the way, we played with your camera." no big surprise because the mabster always does when i'm not looking. i completely forgot about it till i uploaded a few new pics and ran across them. here are just a few...i'm not sure who had more fun making funny faces...the mabster or tita karla? also, i love that tita karla allowed my kid to put hers in a cupid's choke hold for a group pic. we are training them young, my dear friends. everyone must fit inside the group pic.

Friday, March 13, 2009

friday the 13th

tonight, i went out for a low key girl's night of dinner at panera followed by the movie, "confessions of a shopaholic." i should have known the night would be interesting considering it was friday the 13th.

first strike of the night was when we found out that panera was out of their frontega chicken panini. i was craving that sandwich all day! i think i let all the girls go ahead of me as i stood there in panic trying to figure out what to order. instead, i ordered the tomato and mozzarella panini. there was no comparison.

second strike of the night was that we all thought the movie started at 7:20pm. oops, wrong. it started at 7:00pm. no prob, the credits run for the first 15 minutes anyway so we didn't miss out.

the third and final strike (which was my favorite) was when the guy in a big ole truck almost ran us all over as we were laughing and giving goodbye hugs. guess he really wanted that princess parking spot, eh? he laughed, we laughed, and then it took a good 5 minutes for everyone to remember where they parked. classic.

ahhh, friday the 13th...always interesting, but if your with awesome company, it's ALWAYS fun!!

happy 7 months, lyla!

i didn't even realize that today, lyla turn seven months old until i wrote down the date while at the doc's office. so here's my shout out to sweet little lyla along with a current update.

we've recently introduced those puffs that melt in your mouth to lyla. the mabster use to call them "yum-yums" so the name has just stuck. it is a hoot watching lyla eat them. here is a picture of her very first bite. she made the funniest face as she puckered out her little fishy lips. too stinkin' cute!okay, so on to the next thing...i took lyla in to see the ENT this morning. she has been having a constant rattling noise every time she breathes. this has been going on for about 4 months, and you can hear her a mile away. i am so extremely tired of it, and wish she would heal completely. when she came done with bronchitis and then an ear infection in december, she was given breathing treatments and an antibiotic. everything cleared up except for the constant rattling noise. i have taken her in repeatedly (to both her doc and on-call docs) and they have all said the same thing..."it's slow to resolve," "it'll run it's course," so on and so forth. then, i'm sent home with no source of relief for her, and i'm out 30 bucks for a co-pay and what felt like a wasted trip. very frustrating.

so this morning, we headed out to the ENT. i've been researching on my own and was worried that maybe her adenoids were enlarged, thus the rattling. here are her symptoms:
- noisy rattling nose breathing.
- breathing through the mouth.
- snoring while sleeping.
- i have noticed that she has stopped breathing for about 2-3 seconds while sleeping (sleep apnea), then she will wake up gasping for air and start crying.
- oh, and jay's side of the family (including himself) has had to have his adenoids removed at a young age.

all the symptoms pointed to her adenoids so i thought we'd get a second opinion. at this point, i'm desperate for anything. also, asthma and allergies have already been ruled out by previous doc appointments.

then, the ENT said that her adenoids and tonsils look good, and that it looks more pulmonary related and in her upper chest. he told me to see a pediatric pulmonologist to see if it's reactive airway disease or order a barium swallow to see if it's reflux that has settled in her lungs. we talked for a good bit. the more i listened to him and we talked, the more i feel like it just might be the reflux.

i want to be able to identify what it is so that we can treat it, and my sweet baby can breathe without sounding like an old man with emphysema. again, it has been about 4 months of that nasty rattle, and i'm just tired of it. at least now i feel like we're getting the ball rolling on trying to figure out what it is and why it is lingering for so long.

if someone tells me to "use saline drops and suction" one more time, i am going to punch them in the face. 4 months is far too long to let something "run it's course" when that's the majority of my baby's life. please just keep her in your thoughts. she is in good spirits, but that constant rattling makes my heart hurt.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

making a list

i like making lists. always have. if i start to feel overwhelmed and unorganized, i make a good long list. with each stroke of my pen as i mark one thing off after the other, i get a sense of accomplishment, thus feeling less stressed. and honestly, when that list is completely done...the feeling is almost orgasmic. in my opinion.

well, tonight at a family dinner at nan's house, the hubster decides to tell a story that makes fun of me. he even pre-warned me and everyone else at the table seconds before the story unfolded. no problem, i am use to this. i have to admit, i was curious to hear what he was going to pick on me about...

seems he found one of my recent "to do" lists. number one on the list was "make a list" followed by a smiley face. yes, i know. i actually wrote that down as my number one. but it was all in good humor which was evident by the smiley face that followed.

so hubster starts reciting off the list with examples like: laundry, organize closet, feed lyla green beans, call mom, yadda, yadda. then he tells everyone what my number one was as he laughs and says, "can you picture kim marking that one off and saying, "whew, i've been waiting all week to finish that one!"

the moral of the story: you pick at the blueberries you like. OR nobody understands my humor.

thursday's thirteen

1.) auntie jess is coming into town this weekend. yippee! looks like i need to buy some more play-doh for her and the mabster to play with. after all, that is her staple. also, her birthday was yesterday and the mabster left her a sweet voicemail on her phone. i was driving while she was whispering something so only god knows what she really said. happy birthday, auntie jess! see you soon!!

2.) this week has totally flown by. i can't believe the weekend is almost here. for once i have not procrastinated and have already shopped for a baby shower and townley's birthday gift. this only leads to me to say...i heart target.

3.) i love how YB has turned into a night owl on IM. hell, a lot of you ladies are now. "yappers party of 8, your seats are now available." :)

4.) spring cleaning, spring cleaning, spring cleaning!!!

5.) i found my ole skinny jeans while cleaning out my closet the other day. they fit. they actually fit. and i can breathe in them. cheers to small victories! i may have won the battle, but i am still fighting the war. and it's a bitch. hehe.

6.) our lake bag is updated and packed. i am ready to go at any given moment. crazy to think that easter weekend last year was the first time we put the boat out on the water. i foresee it being earlier this year...

7.) i have just now adjusted to the time change. monday and tuesday were rough, i could have held down the couch all day. it sucks though because the mabster pretty much has her schedule memorized. so when she woke up monday morning and said, "let's get ready for the library," i had to move. i need to start believing in white lies every now and then, but i'm sure my guilt would kill me. oh well, what can you do?

8.) i hate the fact that i have to wait another week for the next episode of LOST. not fair, not fair.

9.) hubby is addicted to jiu jitsu. it puts him in a super good mood. last night, him and some other guy competed for the "fight of the night." he was excited at how he threw some guy across the room with some new technique. i never thought he would like this sport so much, but i guess that's how he "rolls."

10.) the mabster's new favorite word is "super." wonder where she got that from?

11.) tuesday, the girls and i hung out at tita karmie's house all day long. it was a good lazy day even though they boycotted their naps. we love tita karmie's house. it just has a calm, peaceful aura about it. her backyard is filled with bamboo trees, and i love listening to the wind blow through them while sitting on the back porch.

12.) i'm looking forward to next week (spring break). seems like my inbox is full of e-vites and playdates for every day. i know the mabster is going to be excited to see all of her friends again. and i am super excited about the jewelry party. this momma needs some new trendy cheap bling!

and lastly,

13.) not sure if it's allergies or what not, but i have now come down with a nagging cough. my ribs are actually sore from coughing my head off for the last 3 days. no illness, just a cough. our whole house now has it.

Monday, March 9, 2009

nashvegas: day 2

saturday was day 2 in nashville in which we actually celebrated jessi's bachelorette party. the day started by oversleeping, getting ready, and then heading out to a late lunch at the big river grille and brewing works.after lunch, we did a little shopping, and i bought the mabster the cutest little pink cowgirl hat. then, we arrived back at our hotel with about an hour or so to chill before we all started to get ready for jessi's lingerie shower at 5:00pm. we drank champagne, got quizzed on who knows the bride the best, and then talley quizzed the bride on how well she knows the groom. some of the answers were after dressing up jessi with a pretty pink condom-filled veil and making her carry around a dick stick, we started to venture out into the night. we were ready to get the party started.our first stop was dinner at the cabana. this place was awesome. we were seated in our own little private cabana where we could hook up our own i-pod and listen to our own playlist of great tunes. the atmosphere was perfect.alright. so after dinner, we hit up the bars. here are some highlights of the remaining weekend...

- a vacay, no matter how quick it is, will kill any attempts at eating a good healthy diet. i'm just sayin!

- i have a bruise on my left foot and no idea how it got there.

- only a bachelorette can ride a mechanical bull in a dress and still look classy.- there's nothing better than returning to a freezing hotel room after a hot sticky night.

- i think jessi's dick stick had more action than any man or woman on the face of the earth during this past weekend.

- if you're going to karaoke in nashvegas, you better make sure you can sing. or at least pray that your name gets called after the drunk old man who just sang, "la bamba."- what a horrible weekend to have a time change. i will never get that hour back. much less the other 14 i am still looking for.

- drunk texting with the hubster still gives me butterflies and reminds me so much of our college days.

- keeping your money and ID in your cleavage may be trashy...but not in nashvegas!- i can party from 5pm-12am or even 8pm-3am...but 5pm-3:30am is a negative. i'm not going to lie. i definitely can't hang like i use to, especially when the night before entailed the same shenanigans.

- carpooling with crazy taxi is not a good idea after a party weekend. i would rather walk for 8 hours than endure 3 hours of motion sickness while grabbing the "oh shit" handle bar and praying for dear life.

- even though i just knocked crazy taxi, i really do appreciate her driving. never again though. :)

- and lastly, the mabster loved her surprise. she even shared it with baby sister.