Sunday, March 22, 2009

2008 vs. 2009

i was scanning through my pics the other day when i came across these. here are some pics of the first weekend (easter weekend) of 2008 when we first took the boat out on the water and officially labeled it, "lake season."

*****2008*****now here are the pics from this past weekend which marked the start of lake season 2009. i thought the comparison of these were pretty neat. enjoy!



Karla said...

Abby and Jay are BOTH skinnier! LOL, too funny.

jaydoug said...

no joke, how did I ever get up on skis with all that fat

Yankee Belle said...

Who stole our babies?!

Kim said...

LOL. i knew karla and jay would appreciate that pic!

and YB, i's crazy to believe that was *just* a year ago. it's all so bittersweet.