Monday, March 16, 2009

birthday girls

last week was a week filled with birthdays! last thursday night, we headed over to nan's house to celebrate auntie red's 29th birthday. her original birthday is march 4th, but thursday was the best time to get all of the family together. it was a great dinner made by nan, and a good time. happy birthday, auntie red!here's a pic of the girls sitting on the nan's couch while watching the wonder pets after dinner. the mabster always has to sit right beside baby sister. they are so sweet to each other.then on sunday, we headed over to our friend's house to celebrate her little girl, townley's first birthday. momma amy is definitely a super mom and practically made everything there from the food, party favors, townley's accessories, and not to mention, her home is fan-freakin-tastic! i would love to live in a house like that and have already packed my bags to move in. hehe. oh, and thank you for the multiple cupcakes, amy...i think i am just now coming down from the sugar high. happy first birthday, townley!so after birthday party number one on sunday, we made a mad dash to meet up with jay's side of the family in order to celebrate auntie jess's 24th birthday. auntie jess's original birthday was last wednesday, march the 11th, but since she lives in the ATL, she decided to come home this weekend for a celebratory lunch. auntie jess and blake stayed in our guest bedroom downstairs (aka, suite a la jess), and the mabster always loves their visits. happy birthday, auntie jess!


Andrea Marie said...

Your girls are too cute!

Anonymous said...

WOW you had many birthdays this weekend. i'm so glad you guys came.
thank you sooo much again! you can move in anytime! we could get the kids to bed and scrapbook together!!!

love you sweet douglas family!