Wednesday, March 18, 2009

bling-bling partay

one of the many, many things i love about facebook is the reuniting of old friends. it is nice to catch up with people through the FB because honestly, i'd have no idea what half of my old and new friends are doing if it weren't for my newest hobby/addiction. well awhile back, one of my old high school friends messaged me. we are both moms now and exchanged some funny stories. well, she just started a new side job of selling jewelry to earn some extra cash. she asked if i was interested in hosting a party so i said, "sure, why not."the ball started rolling, and next thing you know, a few close friends and i are browsing through some catalogues, trying on some bling, drinking margaritas, and inhaling cheap pizza. it was nice. thank you to all who came. when you support me, it helps me support an old, i get a discount and free jewelry. it's a win-win, right!? ;) seriously though, thanks ladies. it was a great time!