Monday, March 30, 2009

the easter bunny

we met up with some friends today at brookwood village so that abby and lyla could get their picture taken with the easter bunny. as soon as karla and i walked up and saw his big ole' head, we began worrying how the kids would react to him. he kinda scared me, honestly. so we waited for lil B to go first so that she could set the tone for our kids. i used this technique for santa as well, and it worked like a charm. they all loved him. the easter bunny was playing hide-and-go-seek and waving to them the whole time. once the mabster saw his basket full of suckers, she knew he had to be alright. the girls did awesome. here is their picture...lastly, i really loved this easter bunny. i knew he was experienced with handling little kids when he ever so gently pushed the mabster's hand down as she starting picking her nose during the picture. now that's skill. honestly. how does he even notice something like that when his head is as big as it is? props to you, mr. easter bunny. see you next year!


Anonymous said...

i need to get on the ball and have this done soon! i love this easter bunny too! i love how you can see the guys head through the mouth of the head! lets you know just how big that dang head really is! hehe!


Kim said...

LOL. every time i look at the picture now, that's the first thing i see. it is too funny!