Saturday, March 21, 2009

eat, sleep, lake

we love lake season, but more importantly, the lake house. at the lake house, our family bonds more than ever. you never have to worry about your child's every need because as soon as you can think about fulfilling it, it has already been met...thanks to family (especially lola and mamaw). thank you.

also, there have been a lot of "firsts" for our girls that have taken place inside the lake house. for example, the mabster took her first steps (7 to be exact) at 11-months-old in front of mamaw while everyone sat in the den. i remember it like it was yesterday. furthermore, this past weekend, lyla ate her first bowl of grits made by lola while at the lake house. and oh, how she loved them! here's a pic of our tiny miss pac man...after breakfast, we just hung out on the boat while listening to some old school CCR. it's fabulous, and in my opinion, the best lake music ever. although, jay had to bust out the, "i'm on a boat" song every now and then...will it ever get old? probably not. the weather was in the mid-70s, but the temp of the water was a low 50s. needless to say, we enjoyed a nice cruise on the lake, but we definitely did not get in it. we did, however, see some people tubing and quickly judged them as delusional. seriously. that's just crazy.saturday, jay and my dad had a little target practice while shooting their guns. then, jay grilled out some ribs, mom made fried rice, and mamaw brought a cake. it was delicious. right at dusk, the guys went fishing, and then, we all sat around watching the march madness basketball games. we even got to practice our "catch phrase" skills later in the night. lola was on a roll. it was pretty funny. what was funnier was jay's idea to put a floaty around lyla to cushion her just in case she fell back. it worked quite nicely actually.also, the mabster noticed that we kept stacking cushions around baby sister just in case she went any where so she decided that she'd help stack some up too. she's helpful like that. i swear i did not stage this pic. just ask anyone who was there. it was hilarious. my favorite is their facial says it all!