Friday, March 13, 2009

friday the 13th

tonight, i went out for a low key girl's night of dinner at panera followed by the movie, "confessions of a shopaholic." i should have known the night would be interesting considering it was friday the 13th.

first strike of the night was when we found out that panera was out of their frontega chicken panini. i was craving that sandwich all day! i think i let all the girls go ahead of me as i stood there in panic trying to figure out what to order. instead, i ordered the tomato and mozzarella panini. there was no comparison.

second strike of the night was that we all thought the movie started at 7:20pm. oops, wrong. it started at 7:00pm. no prob, the credits run for the first 15 minutes anyway so we didn't miss out.

the third and final strike (which was my favorite) was when the guy in a big ole truck almost ran us all over as we were laughing and giving goodbye hugs. guess he really wanted that princess parking spot, eh? he laughed, we laughed, and then it took a good 5 minutes for everyone to remember where they parked. classic.

ahhh, friday the 13th...always interesting, but if your with awesome company, it's ALWAYS fun!!


Yankee Belle said...

Good times, good times - minus the sandwich.

Kim said...

let's go back for the sandwich today after the playgroup. is there a panera off of 280? =P