Friday, March 27, 2009

game night!

friday night, we headed over to karmie's house for a game night. everyone has been trash-talking since the last one, so we'd figured it was due time for another challenge. during the first round, we split off into our usual teams. it was the S.A.H.M.s (stay at home moms) vs. the S.L.O.B.s (single ladies of birmingham). our team names were appropriately given to us by karmie. before the game of "catch phrase" got started, we decided to confine the kids using karen's big ole island of a sofa. cute idea, but it only really lasted about 10 minutes till they were all sitting with us in the circle. next time maybe we should put karmie's 60 pound bag of moon pies in the middle. hmmm, that might possibly work...once all the guys got there, we counted it up, and the guy-to-girl ratio was equivalent. so we mixed up teams, and it turned into a match of estrogen vs. testosterone. it was hilarious. during the first round, the girls dominated. it was nice. we were dancing in their faces and cheering like we won the lottery. then, our pride took a backseat. the guys were ready for us. finally they brought their A game and beat us the next couple of rounds. they were hilarious. only a man can understand their lingo. the man code. for example, when "anna kournikova" showed up on the beeper, and bowman's said "hot russian tennis player," it took all of one second for bo to know it. i'll admit though, that was an easy one, but still funny. this one takes the cake though...

bowman: "this is me!! c'mon guys, this is what ya'll think of me!!"
(long pause followed by many random guesses from the other males till the time on the buzzer counts down...)
all the other guys: "dude, what was it??"
bowman: "perfection"

too much fun. next time we play, i am finding a babysitter. my excuse and only reasoning for why the guys beat us was because my attention was totally diverted on the kids the whole time. do you know how hard it is to motion doing jumping jacks while feeding a baby? it's hard. i think i almost threw lyla or the bottle while anxiously trying to express the phrase "apple jacks." good times, good times.