Sunday, March 29, 2009

happy 1st birthday, elise!

sunday, we headed down to the ATL in celebration of my cousin, elise's, first birthday. jay, abby, lyla, karla, tre, carson, my mom, and i all loaded up into the new armada. it was big bertha's first mini road trip, and we were all excited. the birthday lunch took place at the oriental pearl restaurant, and it was an experience in itself. the meal was a chinese cuisine which involved a wide range of light dishes called a "dim sum." i've never been to this kind of a restaurant so we thought it was pretty neat. before i go any further, here's a picture of the birthday girl about to dive into her cake.alright so where was i? anyway, they brought out a lot of different little dishes around on a cart. if you like it or want to try it, you just point to it, and they place it on your table. it was fun, but mostly funny. we didn't know what half of the stuff had in it. in fact, we were probably eating dog for all we know. the jokes were flying left and right. we were being experimental and laughing so hard while questioning certain dishes. jay even tried the chicken feet, but couldn't cut through the rubbery cartilage so he passed it on to karla's plate. at this point, we were all laughing and holding our mouths in fear of regurgitation. i am still mad at myself for not getting a picture of two chicken feet hanging out of jay's mouth. man, that would have made a great pic. ha! i think tre even ate a coagulated blood ball in his soup. i'm not kidding. honestly though, other than those two surprise dishes, everything was pretty good. we really enjoyed it, but mostly, we enjoyed seeing family that we haven't seen in years. my mom's side of the family live all over and really only get to see everyone at weddings or birthdays. here is a picture of the filipina mafia. :)notice the mabster. by the end of the meal, it was her nap time and she was fading fast. i think she was upset that daddy tried to eat chicken little too. LOL. blech. overall, we really had a great time. the experience in itself was awesome. i'll never do it again, but hey, at least i can say i've been to a "dim sum." the 2 and half car ride home was hysterical. happy first birthday, elise! we love you, sweet girl!


Anonymous said...

ewwww chicken feet jason? doesn't he know that those feet were walking around in poo??? EWWWWWWWW!

i get nervous going to places like that to eat. i remember as a child going to a fancy restuarnt with my family and they had frog legs on the buffet! i was freaked out!!


Hear Their Everywear said...

Dim Sum is awesome! I had it for the first time in Singapore. I know, I am awesome.... you do not have to say it...LOL

Sounds like fun though!!

Kim said...

amy - HA! i'd freak out too!

HTE - you went to singapore? nice! but it was delicious...minus the chicken feet! =P

K-Mom said...

Ya'll churn out some beautiful babies in your family!