Friday, March 13, 2009

happy 7 months, lyla!

i didn't even realize that today, lyla turn seven months old until i wrote down the date while at the doc's office. so here's my shout out to sweet little lyla along with a current update.

we've recently introduced those puffs that melt in your mouth to lyla. the mabster use to call them "yum-yums" so the name has just stuck. it is a hoot watching lyla eat them. here is a picture of her very first bite. she made the funniest face as she puckered out her little fishy lips. too stinkin' cute!okay, so on to the next thing...i took lyla in to see the ENT this morning. she has been having a constant rattling noise every time she breathes. this has been going on for about 4 months, and you can hear her a mile away. i am so extremely tired of it, and wish she would heal completely. when she came done with bronchitis and then an ear infection in december, she was given breathing treatments and an antibiotic. everything cleared up except for the constant rattling noise. i have taken her in repeatedly (to both her doc and on-call docs) and they have all said the same thing..."it's slow to resolve," "it'll run it's course," so on and so forth. then, i'm sent home with no source of relief for her, and i'm out 30 bucks for a co-pay and what felt like a wasted trip. very frustrating.

so this morning, we headed out to the ENT. i've been researching on my own and was worried that maybe her adenoids were enlarged, thus the rattling. here are her symptoms:
- noisy rattling nose breathing.
- breathing through the mouth.
- snoring while sleeping.
- i have noticed that she has stopped breathing for about 2-3 seconds while sleeping (sleep apnea), then she will wake up gasping for air and start crying.
- oh, and jay's side of the family (including himself) has had to have his adenoids removed at a young age.

all the symptoms pointed to her adenoids so i thought we'd get a second opinion. at this point, i'm desperate for anything. also, asthma and allergies have already been ruled out by previous doc appointments.

then, the ENT said that her adenoids and tonsils look good, and that it looks more pulmonary related and in her upper chest. he told me to see a pediatric pulmonologist to see if it's reactive airway disease or order a barium swallow to see if it's reflux that has settled in her lungs. we talked for a good bit. the more i listened to him and we talked, the more i feel like it just might be the reflux.

i want to be able to identify what it is so that we can treat it, and my sweet baby can breathe without sounding like an old man with emphysema. again, it has been about 4 months of that nasty rattle, and i'm just tired of it. at least now i feel like we're getting the ball rolling on trying to figure out what it is and why it is lingering for so long.

if someone tells me to "use saline drops and suction" one more time, i am going to punch them in the face. 4 months is far too long to let something "run it's course" when that's the majority of my baby's life. please just keep her in your thoughts. she is in good spirits, but that constant rattling makes my heart hurt.


Anonymous said...

bless her sweet little heart.


Yankee Belle said...

hugs & kisses Lyla!

Heather S. said...

You know the old saying..... Mother knows best. If you know something is wrong you MAKE somebody figure it out for you! Don't take no for an answer. And that pic is so cute!! She really looks like you.

Kim said...

thanks everybody, lyla appreciates ya'lls thoughts. :)

Karla said...

I hope they do find out what's going on when you go to the pulmonologist... they BETTER find out what's going on. ;) Sweet little Lyla. I pray she gets better asap.