Tuesday, March 17, 2009

happy st. patty's day!

in honor of st. patrick's day, the girls and i dressed up in our green attire and met up with some friends for a playgroup. as tempting as it was to act too cool and not wear the traditional color just so that we would get pinched all day, we refrained. it was fun walking through the door, only to see a sea of green. it was like the incredible hulk had spewed chunks every where. here are some pics.just when i thought i had the girls trained for the camera, they pull off this stunt. the mabster clearly hides her face while lyla is looking at her wondering what is going on. thanks k-mom for capturing this real hilarious moment.the kids went cuh-razy over this butterfly game. the deafening, ear-bleeding shrieks were continuous and pretty funny. soon after, we let them burn off some energy outside.look at my sweet girl!! happy first st. patty's day, lyla. i know you wore your green, but that still didn't stop me and everyone else from pinching those sweet cheeks. we love you!it felt amazing outside today. the kids played in the sandbox and the swings while the breeze blew in the 73 degree weather. it was gaw-geous. hello, spring!!

later that night, we met up with our favorite fellow g'dalers for some green beer at o'charley's. we figured we'd pick a restaurant that's name bared an O' in it, that way we'd feel slightly festive. hey, it worked. lol. it was a fun double date family dinner, and lyla sat up in a high chair for the first time ever. she looked so super cute sitting there like a big girl and not like a baby in her pumpkin seat. ahh, time is flying by far too fast. after dinner, we all went grocery shopping and got some ice cream. it was a great family night all around. happy saint patty's day, everyone!


Yankee Belle said...

Im so glad we got a pic earlier in the day. We didnt get one of me at dinner! arghhh Nor did I get a green drink. Thank goodness there is next year. ;)

Raven said...

Love the 3rd picture!!! So cute!

Kim said...

YB- next year, we will make a night of it for sure!

and thank you, raven!