Tuesday, March 24, 2009

"hold my calls"

i have officially hired my own personal secretary. she goes by the name, "miss mabster." she displays great rapport with my clients, and is trustworthy and attentive. miss mabster is as professional as a 2 year old can get. every time i go to feed and lay baby lyla down for a nap, i hand over both the home and my cell phone to my secretary as i tell her to "hold my calls." here's a fine example of her excellent work ethics...

(the phone rings)
miss mabster: "hello?"
tita karla: "hey abby, what's mommy doing?"
miss mabster: "she is laying baby sister asleep."
tita karla: "oh, baby sister's asleep?"
miss mabster: "yeah. mommy's asleep too. bye-bye!"
(hangs up the phone as i come walking into the room)

me: "who was that, abby?"
miss mabster: "tita karla"
me: "what did she want?"
miss mabster: "sleep."

tita karla told me this story the other day, and it makes me think that my personal secretary would be an awesome player when it comes to that game "telephone." you know the one. it's where the first player whispers a sentence to the next player. each player successively whispers what that player believes he/she heard to the next. then, the last player announces the statement to the entire group. errors typically accumulate in the retellings so the statement announced by the last player differs significantly from the one uttered by the first...yep, that's my mabster. don't worry though, i pay her with marshmallows.


Anonymous said...

too funny!


UAB mom said...

hahahaha...can't wait for that!

Karla said...

I ADORE your little secretary! I can ask her anything and she will tell me ... you might want to train her on some HIPPA regulations, however. In the words of the Mabster "Momma asleep, baby ister asleep... me sleepy, buuuut me not asleep." Love her!!

Kim said...

karla maria, you are right. i totally need to HIPPA train her! LOL