Monday, March 2, 2009

jessi's bridal shower

on sunday after the snow had melted, i took a hot bath and got ready for jessi's bridal shower. i helped co-host it for her with fellow bridesmaids, and it was lovely. it took place at Bambinelli's Italian Cafe in the english village and was held from 2-4:00pm. her close friends and family were there despite the weather, and it was the best menu i've ever had at a bridal shower. we ate crab cakes, 4-cheese ravioli, bruschetta, calamari, fruit, cheese, and yummy chocolate and pink peti fours. it was a frou frou kind of celebration and much deserved. i can't believe jessi's big day is right around the corner. have a mentioned how glad i am that i am not el preggo for this wedding? i love knowing that i will not have to bare a pleated maternity dress...instead 3 1/2 inches heels. god help me!!