Thursday, March 12, 2009

making a list

i like making lists. always have. if i start to feel overwhelmed and unorganized, i make a good long list. with each stroke of my pen as i mark one thing off after the other, i get a sense of accomplishment, thus feeling less stressed. and honestly, when that list is completely done...the feeling is almost orgasmic. in my opinion.

well, tonight at a family dinner at nan's house, the hubster decides to tell a story that makes fun of me. he even pre-warned me and everyone else at the table seconds before the story unfolded. no problem, i am use to this. i have to admit, i was curious to hear what he was going to pick on me about...

seems he found one of my recent "to do" lists. number one on the list was "make a list" followed by a smiley face. yes, i know. i actually wrote that down as my number one. but it was all in good humor which was evident by the smiley face that followed.

so hubster starts reciting off the list with examples like: laundry, organize closet, feed lyla green beans, call mom, yadda, yadda. then he tells everyone what my number one was as he laughs and says, "can you picture kim marking that one off and saying, "whew, i've been waiting all week to finish that one!"

the moral of the story: you pick at the blueberries you like. OR nobody understands my humor.


Anonymous said...

UGH... kim if you could the many list i have going right now i would make you so proud!!!

gotta go make another one! hehe


Karla said...

I've made a long list, but want Mrs. T to finish it... if only!
Spring cleaning FUN this weekend - woo hoo!!

jaydoug said...

you're a dork .. I still love you though

Heather S. said...

I actually have 2 lists. A list of things I need to do now and a list of secondary stuff to do when I have time. How sad is that?? : ) I always try to keep it hidden from my hubby.

UAB mom said...

i make lists make me feel organized...key word "feel" because i am definitely NOT organized at this time in my life!!! :)

Kim said...

amy - i can only imagine how incredibly long your list was after this weekend. but you pulled it off, and the party was a huge success!

karla - spring cleaning is always fun, no? =P

jay - love you too...but you are the dork.

heather - i seriously need to do that as well. that's some good thinking! lol

erin - that is how i feel too right now. and girl, hold off for the 2nd one because the unorganization only multiplies!!