Sunday, March 8, 2009

nashvegas: day 1

this past weekend, the girls and i drove to nashville for jessi's bachelorette party. it was a girl's only weekend, and it was a *blast*, but way more than i could handle. have i really grown so old and weary before the ripe age of 30? i guess so. i am not good about remembering details until after i look at the pics. why do you think i take so many? lol. nonetheless, here's my best attempt at a recollection of night number one...

- getting ready with 8 other girls takes at least 2 hours. at least.
- jaime child's milk jugs can get the bartender's attention in T minus 5 seconds every time. there's no doubt about it.

- flip-flops are a necessity. i will wear them with any thing, and i still feel good after stumbling, err, i meant walking 10 blocks.

- no matter how big i am (or how inebriated), i still think it's sexy to be sprawled across an old beat up red mustang.
- the mullet wall at the paradise trailer park is classic. mad props for displaying brad pitt's.

- i wonder how serious my friends were when they said, "don't upload that pic to facebook?"

- frat boys are cute. they are my favorite type. BUT they are not cute when they constantly harass you and your friends to get out on the dance floor again right after you just sit down. what part of, "dude, we're old, tired, and married with kids. go away." do ya'll not understand? was a cock block while dancing to prince's pussy control not good enough?- we have finally mastered the term "bar-hopping."

- i absolutely LOVE a good honky-tonk. i must seriously be a country girl at heart because i love walking up to a bar and knowing every single verse to every country song being played, old or new.

- stripper poles are fun. so are vibrating dance floors.- old men at dance clubs are the best. old foreign men at dance clubs in nashville are scary.

- power naps are god's little gifts to the weak and weary.

- journey's "don't stop believing," will forever remind me of nashville. we only heard it playing from every live band at every single bar. i lurves here's a cheers to jessi...congrats for deciding to get hitched! if nashvegas thought it could handle you after night number one, we know it will be scared for the actual bachelorette party in night number two. the pics and recollection of that are still foggy, but i'm working on it.

to be continued...


Anonymous said...

looks and sounds like you girls had a blast! i think jason should buy you a stripper pole for the "manhole" because you know practice makes perfect! they say its a great workout too!!by the way you looked beautiful as always!!

love ya!


Karla said...

I would LOVE to live in Nashville - honky tonks are where it's at. Next time, I will be sure to wear my flip flops and not 3 inch heels while bar hopping. This blog made me remember all the funnies and smile. :)