Monday, March 9, 2009

nashvegas: day 2

saturday was day 2 in nashville in which we actually celebrated jessi's bachelorette party. the day started by oversleeping, getting ready, and then heading out to a late lunch at the big river grille and brewing works.after lunch, we did a little shopping, and i bought the mabster the cutest little pink cowgirl hat. then, we arrived back at our hotel with about an hour or so to chill before we all started to get ready for jessi's lingerie shower at 5:00pm. we drank champagne, got quizzed on who knows the bride the best, and then talley quizzed the bride on how well she knows the groom. some of the answers were after dressing up jessi with a pretty pink condom-filled veil and making her carry around a dick stick, we started to venture out into the night. we were ready to get the party started.our first stop was dinner at the cabana. this place was awesome. we were seated in our own little private cabana where we could hook up our own i-pod and listen to our own playlist of great tunes. the atmosphere was perfect.alright. so after dinner, we hit up the bars. here are some highlights of the remaining weekend...

- a vacay, no matter how quick it is, will kill any attempts at eating a good healthy diet. i'm just sayin!

- i have a bruise on my left foot and no idea how it got there.

- only a bachelorette can ride a mechanical bull in a dress and still look classy.- there's nothing better than returning to a freezing hotel room after a hot sticky night.

- i think jessi's dick stick had more action than any man or woman on the face of the earth during this past weekend.

- if you're going to karaoke in nashvegas, you better make sure you can sing. or at least pray that your name gets called after the drunk old man who just sang, "la bamba."- what a horrible weekend to have a time change. i will never get that hour back. much less the other 14 i am still looking for.

- drunk texting with the hubster still gives me butterflies and reminds me so much of our college days.

- keeping your money and ID in your cleavage may be trashy...but not in nashvegas!- i can party from 5pm-12am or even 8pm-3am...but 5pm-3:30am is a negative. i'm not going to lie. i definitely can't hang like i use to, especially when the night before entailed the same shenanigans.

- carpooling with crazy taxi is not a good idea after a party weekend. i would rather walk for 8 hours than endure 3 hours of motion sickness while grabbing the "oh shit" handle bar and praying for dear life.

- even though i just knocked crazy taxi, i really do appreciate her driving. never again though. :)

- and lastly, the mabster loved her surprise. she even shared it with baby sister.


Jamie said...

OMG! Lyla is so stinking cute in that pic!!!

Anonymous said...

Goodtimes, goodtimes. I always LOVE a fun bachelorette weekend!
~ Karla

UAB mom said...

i love cabana...yummy food and fun atmosphere! glad yall had fun in nashville!