Friday, March 20, 2009

oak mountain

friday, we met up with some friends at the petting zoo at oak mountain. it was a beautiful day, and we all knew that we wanted to be out in it, but refused to go to a local playground and bare witness to the chaos that is spring breakers. the mabster is still not a fan of animals. guess this explains why we don't have pets. she is terrified of them, but i still cautiously try to get her acquainted with them. i still find it odd that she loves holding and chasing her lola and nana lin's cats, yet seeing a duck will freak her out. i don't get it. but, it is humorous. at least to my benefit. sorry. it's the truth. i digress. anyways, here's a pic of the girls confined to their double-stroller. it was the only way they felt safe. check out the mabster eye-ballin' a sheep...she did like the "oink-oink" piggy however. but only because he was sleeping, i'm sure. that, and the fact that he was enclosed in his gate. after we played and pretend petted all the animals, we all packed a lunch for a picnic beside the playground. the mabster was all about the swings, and oh dear gawd, she could not get enough of the ginormous steep slide. i really appreciate anne for helping me monitor the kids going down that thing. she'd help them climb up safely, and then it was like too fast and furious going down as i caught them in mid-air. i use to be a goal keeper in high school. my catch is good. for the most part. hey, i kept the kids alive, and that's all that matters, right? the last pic is of the mabster and LM holding hands and conspiring against their mothers, i'm sure. just so you kids know...we're on to you guys! ;)


Hill Family said...

Thank you so much for helping with that scary slide. While my legs killed me later for climbing up and down the stairs, I still think you ended up with the scariest part of the deal. And I'm so glad your goalie skills came into play -I saw you catch a few of them as they were flying off the side of the slide! Geez Louize, I don't know if my sanity will allow me to revisit that slide anytime in the near future!

Kim said...

hehe, no kidding, anne! i was impressed at the work out you were getting, preggo and all. oh, the things we do for our kids!! ;)