Thursday, March 26, 2009

pumping some iron

i just got back from the gym after enduring a body pump class with karla and karmie at the Y. it was the first time all 3 of us were able to catch a class at the same time. highlights? here they are...

~ karmie made fun of me and my lunges. she said i looked like i was busting out the butterfly (old school dance move), and quickly gave my lunges a name of their own..."the lungerfly." i'm just glad i could provide a bit of comic relief for those who were actually doing them right.

~ towards the end of the workout when we had to lay down and lift the weights over the back of our head, i started getting nervous. my arms started shaking so hard that i was worried they were going to give out on me. i pictured the barbell falling quickly and snapping my neck. it wasn't pretty. i was nervously scared which was evident by my nervous laughter.

~ i love working out with my sisters. especially when something gets hard or starts burning like a biotch because we just start looking at each other and die laughing, all while trying to maintain seriousness in front of the instructor. so if we start turning purple in the back row, it's because of a good work-out, but also because we are holding in our laughter. breathing is overrated.

~ push-ups. boy push-ups or girl push-ups? ummm, that would be girl push-ups. slow and steady wins the race because i'll be damned if i fall straight on face. my upper body strength is rusty. it's there, but still rusty.

~ i am already sore. just sitting here and typing this. sad? yes. only a margarita can make the pain go away...


Karla said...

I have never laughed so hard in my life! You girls were cracking my sh*t up. See you for the next class Monday at 4:30pm!
Love you.