Sunday, March 1, 2009

snow day 09

james spann said it, and i didn't believe it...until we woke up sunday morning, and for once, the man was actually right. SNOW!! and LOTS OF IT!! i remember jay waking up first, looking out the window, and then saying, "yep, it snowed." i pictured in my head some heavy frost so i didn't really care to budge and get up. i think he was annoyed that his comment didn't get a rise from me. so he says it again. i humor him, show a slight interest, and say, "open the blinds." he immediately did, i looked up, and it was the most B-E-A-UTIFUL thing i have ever seen! shock turned into excitement which then turned into a frazzled and flustered mommy trying to wake up all the kids, get them ready, and go out to play in it. here's our winter wonderland...the mabster was having a blast. daddy video recorded her initial response as they walked out on the back porch, and it was too cute. she saw her trampoline covered with snow, and it was the first thing she headed to. while daddy and the mabster were playing, i got lyla ready. for you see as a mother, you get excited about your kid's "firsts," and i am no exception to the rule. even though lyla had no idea what the powdery stuff surrounding her was, i wanted this to be documented and remembered so here's what i did. can you see the excitement and pure joy in her eyes? hehe.we had snowball fights, made a snowman, and the best yet, went sledding down the hill in the front of our house on a cookie sheet. yes. a cookie sheet. that was the hubster's bright idea. apparently it works a lot better than we had anticipated because the first time we put the mabster on it, she went flying! it was hysterical once we realized she was okay after her "tuck and roll" landing. i was just glad she didn't nosedive in the cement. it scared her, but it definitely didn't stop her. she went down numerous times after that just a giggling. i have video of it which i'll post later. it's pretty funny.overall, it was a great day for it all. just enough to let the kids really get to play in it, and then by the afternoon, it was gone. thank god because i had a bridal shower i had to be at by 2:00pm, and it was not going to be cancelled. i know the blizzard of 93 ain't got nothing on this, but it sure was fun. i just think it's funny how it snows one day and the next is in the highs of 70s...welcome to alabama!


Hill Family said...

That last picture is great of you and girls.

Raven said...

A cookie sheet! I wish we had thought of that. We couldnt find anything to use! Nice idea! Looks like you guys had a blast. I still am in awe that it actually DID snow!

Kim said...

thanks, anne!

and raven, i am still impressed that it actually snowed as well.