Monday, March 23, 2009

swing lyla, swing!

today, we met up with some friends at homewood park so that the kids could run around and play. it was nice knowing that the big kids had to return back to school today so that the midget toddlers could reclaim their playground back. hehe. and that, they did. i'll admit that it's hard going out with 2 kids now. packing, carrying, monitoring...everything is twice as hard. but with that being said, i love the fact that now the mabster can just run free and do her own thing with her friends. i remember being so uptight as i'd watch and help her climb up ladders, stairs, etc. now, she is her own woman and can do it all. she even helps push her friends while they swing. damn, my kid is a good friend to have! LOL lastly, the best highlight at the park today was that little lyla was able to swing for the first time ever. i sat her in the infant swing, let her chubby legs dangle, pushed her back ever so slightly, and the enjoyment on her face was almost immediate. i love her more and more every day.


Yankee Belle said...

Sheer delight as always from that lil angel! SO glad I got to witness one of her many firsts!!! xoxox - (And thank goodness the swingset didnt come down with my big a-s-s swinging next to her.)

Kim said...

oh hush! your a-s-s looks fabulous at 36 weeks...yikes, any day now!! i'm SO excited!