Thursday, March 5, 2009

thursday's thirteen

1.) alright all you LOST fanatics such as myself, what do you think? team whitmore or team ben? call me crazy, but i'm calling it now...cheers for team ben!

2.) this week has been low key and easy. very nice and refreshing after the past 2 weeks i've had. the house has it's moments of super cleanliness, and then it's the opposite. the laundry is washed, but not completely put up. warm meals are cooked, and dishes are cleaned. i am trying to be productive here, but i am also taking advantage of not having to go, go, go for once.

3.) yesterday, the mabster told me to "lay baby lyla right here. safe and sound." those were her exact words. she is definitely a kindred spirit, and it makes me proud.

4.) karla maria and i are leaving tomorrow around noon with friends. this means that we will be missing our monthly bunco night. boo! instead, we're headed to nashville for jessi's bachelorette weekend. color me excited, i love a girl's only weekend!!

5.) in my opinion, a tan makes a world of a difference. i heart my vitamin D. it just makes you feel good, ya know? laying in a nice warm tanning bed for 20 minutes while listening to awesome music is almost equivalent to an hour boat ride while on the lake. almost.

6.) i love the mabster's imagination right now. it's so much fun to hear her tell me that, "there's a big red and blue chicken by the chair, momma." she so adamant and excited. it's fun to ask her questions back and just listen to what she comes up with.

7.) i had the worst headache ever the other night so i popped some tylenol pm. i swear to god, i could have slept till 2:00pm if my kids would have let me.

8.) they weren't kidding about the terrible two's. whew. the other day the mabster pulled a no-no. i quickly disciplined her and put her in time-out as she screamed, "i don't care!" then she cried for a couple of minutes, and i went to get her. afterwards, she said, "i'm sorry i made you super mad" and gave me a kiss. awww. that apology alone is redemption in itself.

9.) i watched cousin carson the other day while tita karla ran some errands. it was hectic at first watching 3 at one time. especially considering that the mabster didn't want to share her purse with him, but it was fun. it confirmed the thought of wanting 3. 3 is good, but definitely not 4...maybe. totally kidding.

10.) jay said that he was excited about his upcoming daddy/daughter weekend. he said he is going to wear them out and do lots of fun stuff, and is even going to take them to a birthday party on sunday. he's always been optimistic, but i confess, he really does make an awesome mr. mom.

11.) i heart my pillow. it has my scent, it's the perfect shape, and i love it's buoyancy for my big head. so some times when i come to bed and find the hubster cuddled up and sleeping with it, i am quick to snatch it away. it's mine. i can't sleep without it. that's one thing i refuse to share.

12.) april is my birthday month, and it is already slammed packed. every single weekend. sheesh. i wish i had 5 solid go-to babysitters. it's going to be an awesome month, especially with the supper club theme we have come up with. i need to start my search immediately if i want to win prom queen. =P

and lastly,

13.) i went to pick up lyla out of her excersaucer the other day, and she looked up at me while lifting both arms up for me to get her. (sigh) i love being a mom.


Amber said...

I love reading your Thursday Thirteens :-) Your girls are too sweet.

Yankee Belle said...

Lost...*sigh* And double *sigh* when they reach up for you the first time. It makes you melt...literally.