Thursday, March 12, 2009

thursday's thirteen

1.) auntie jess is coming into town this weekend. yippee! looks like i need to buy some more play-doh for her and the mabster to play with. after all, that is her staple. also, her birthday was yesterday and the mabster left her a sweet voicemail on her phone. i was driving while she was whispering something so only god knows what she really said. happy birthday, auntie jess! see you soon!!

2.) this week has totally flown by. i can't believe the weekend is almost here. for once i have not procrastinated and have already shopped for a baby shower and townley's birthday gift. this only leads to me to say...i heart target.

3.) i love how YB has turned into a night owl on IM. hell, a lot of you ladies are now. "yappers party of 8, your seats are now available." :)

4.) spring cleaning, spring cleaning, spring cleaning!!!

5.) i found my ole skinny jeans while cleaning out my closet the other day. they fit. they actually fit. and i can breathe in them. cheers to small victories! i may have won the battle, but i am still fighting the war. and it's a bitch. hehe.

6.) our lake bag is updated and packed. i am ready to go at any given moment. crazy to think that easter weekend last year was the first time we put the boat out on the water. i foresee it being earlier this year...

7.) i have just now adjusted to the time change. monday and tuesday were rough, i could have held down the couch all day. it sucks though because the mabster pretty much has her schedule memorized. so when she woke up monday morning and said, "let's get ready for the library," i had to move. i need to start believing in white lies every now and then, but i'm sure my guilt would kill me. oh well, what can you do?

8.) i hate the fact that i have to wait another week for the next episode of LOST. not fair, not fair.

9.) hubby is addicted to jiu jitsu. it puts him in a super good mood. last night, him and some other guy competed for the "fight of the night." he was excited at how he threw some guy across the room with some new technique. i never thought he would like this sport so much, but i guess that's how he "rolls."

10.) the mabster's new favorite word is "super." wonder where she got that from?

11.) tuesday, the girls and i hung out at tita karmie's house all day long. it was a good lazy day even though they boycotted their naps. we love tita karmie's house. it just has a calm, peaceful aura about it. her backyard is filled with bamboo trees, and i love listening to the wind blow through them while sitting on the back porch.

12.) i'm looking forward to next week (spring break). seems like my inbox is full of e-vites and playdates for every day. i know the mabster is going to be excited to see all of her friends again. and i am super excited about the jewelry party. this momma needs some new trendy cheap bling!

and lastly,

13.) not sure if it's allergies or what not, but i have now come down with a nagging cough. my ribs are actually sore from coughing my head off for the last 3 days. no illness, just a cough. our whole house now has it.


Anonymous said...

i just want to say i heart you and your thursdays thirteen! cant wait to see your happy face on sunday!!

love ya!


Kim said...

i heart you more, amy!! :) we had a blast yesterday!