Thursday, March 19, 2009

thursday's thirteen

1.) when the mabster is about to do something wrong, jay always bust out her middle name while telling her to stop. he'll say, "abby may, do not do that!" well the other day in the car, jay took away her balloon to fix the string, and the mabster screamed out "daddy may, you stop that!!" we laughed. you know your in trouble when your own kid starts busting out the middle name on you...too bad it was the wrong one.

2.) tomorrow, we're going to the oak mountain petting zoo with some friends. i am very curious to see how the mabster is going to act after almost a year has gone by since we were last there. at least billy goat gruff won't attempt to eat tissue paper out of my stroller again.

3.) my lips are chapped as hell right now. couldn't understand why till hubster kissed me, and i felt his scruffy face. ack! i did not marry a mountain man. i hate facial hair so i had to tell him to shave asap.

4.) the inside of my car was a train wreck. i had old scrapbooks on the floorboard along with animal crackers and cheese-its. i could have probably fed a small army with how many i had to pick up. sheesh.

5.) lyla is such a happy smiley baby. she is quiet and chill, but as soon as you look at her, her face lights up. i love her SOO incredibly much. and yes, it's so can definitely love your second one just as much as your first.

6.) jay took off from work today to get his boat summerized which only means...(drumroll please)'s gonna be a LAKE WEEKEND!!!! ahh, high of 71 and sunshine, here we come!!

7.) i wasn't able to watch LOST last night due to me hosting a jewelry party. it has been recorded on my DVR though, and i am anxiously awaiting to watch it. i hear it was awesome. *squeal*

8.) the hubster has started drinking protein shakes this week. augh, can i just say that it has made him one gassy mofo!? good grief, it is beyond being humorous at this point. seriously, jay. stop. :)

9.) the mabster saw a big bellied old man the other day, pointed at him, and called him "santa." i thought it was pretty funny. hopefully, he didn't hear...not sure if he'd feel the same way.

10.) we're going to a playgroup at music mama's house today and then meeting up with daddy for lunch. i heart his off days. they are few and far between, but when it's golden.

11.) my right arm is killing me. i think i have overused it this week with carrying 50 million things around all the time. please make this aching pain go away.

12.) i am so uber excited that it's almost the weekend. especially since we'll be at the lake. hopefully, i can catch up on some much-needed sleep. while on a boat. with the wind in my hair. the sun on my face. bundled up in a blanket. good lord, are we there yet!?

and lastly,

13.) i think it's funny when my mom and jay try to trash talk each other when it comes to their march madness brackets. if i were jay, i'd be mom's got mad skills.


Anonymous said...

yes jason please stop with the shakes....ewwww thats gross!

hope that helps kim!

love ya!


Kim said...

thanks amy, i'll take any help i can get right now! :)