Thursday, April 30, 2009

thursday's thirteen

1.) i finally caught up on my grey's anatomy the other night. last week's episode was ridiculously sad. there is something about being a mother that puts so many things into a different perspective. i bawled like a baby, and yes, my ugly cry came to surface. it wasn't pretty. tonight's episode looks good too. i am ready already.

2.) the mabster has learned how to open the fridge as of this week. within the first hour of her new found discovery, she pulled out the cheese, peaches, ketchup, popsicles, applesauce, and turkey. hopefully, she will never reach the pre-made margarita mix that sits on the top shelf. and so it begins...

3.) our john carroll catholic high school class of 99 reunion is coming up in august. as crazy as it sounds, i am actually quite excited about it. i still can't believe that it's been ten years. yowzas.

4.) okay, so monday night's the hills put me into a brief moment of shock. when the topic of a drink (alcoholic of course) came up at dinner, and the goody-goody church girl said "nothing good comes of it," i think my mouth dropped. ohhh, but i beg to differ sweet girl. lol

5.) we're headed to the beach (marco island, florida to be exact) with karla maria, tre, and carson in 10 days and counting. we are staying for a whole week, and i can't wait to do nothing but eat, swim, and sleep. in that exact order. over and over again.

6.) late night 3 ways with your friends are the best...on IM, silly!!

7.) the other day, i noticed a splinter in the bottom of the mabster's foot. we gave her a bath, found an alcohol wipe, safety pin, and some tweezers, and we held her down as i tried to finagle it out. you should have seen it...daddy had her in what looked like some new jiu jitsu move as she frantically thrusted around holding her popsicle and screaming. it was like watching the exorcist. i honestly believe wrestling 3 alligators would have been easier. luckily, i got it out on the first try and fast. looks like the nursing lab practicals from school actually came in handy.

8.) the mabster will start MDO at our lady of sorrows on june 2, and we are all super excited about it. it will be her first attempt at somewhat of a big girl school, and she'll get to play with her bff while during the playground breaks. i don't know who's more excited, me or the mabster. where, oh where did my baby go!?

9.) tomorrow is our monthly bunco night. it seems like these just sneak up on you so fast. i'm really thankful of that though. it seems like every time i start to get an itch for a good girl's night out, here it is. this month's should be interesting to say the least. please dear god, let me win.

10.) this lake it, or not to lake it? now that is the question.

11.) tomorrow morning, sweet little lyla goes in for her first session with a physical therapist. i am curious as to what exercises she will have her do. i'll be honest, her head tilt is not all that bad. but then again, that's probably just the "optimist" in me talking.

12.) the mabster's first dance recital, or shall i say "showcase," is next wednesday during her regular class time. we all watched them practice in the big room yesterday, and i was smitten as a kitten. i love little ballerinas.

and lastly,

13.) my green thumb is about to come busting out this weekend. i am so antsy to plant flowers off our back porch right now. hopefully, the ole thumb has not gone necrotic on me.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

wordless wednesday

******** seriously, my only concern is...who pushed!? ********

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

potty party, anyone?

over the past few months, the mabster has been doing a great job at potty-training. her "big girl potty chart" is filling up fast with stars (tee-tee) and smiley face (poopie) stickers galore. after she successfully does her duty, she gets a sticker and a handful of skittles. i am so proud of her. she's got it down to an art while at home (well, most days at least), but we've had a few accidents while on the go. it's hard having to remind her every 15 minutes, especially when she is so zoned into what she is doing. now if only i can learn to be more consistent and keep her in big girl panties every time we go out. i would almost pay any price for someone to do it for me. just the thought of having to walk with abby, carry lyla, the diaper bag, etc. all at one time while crunching into one public tiny nasty bathroom stall makes me cringe. augh, potty training is such an exciting, tedious, hilarious, aggravating, glorious process. here's a pic of the proud potty princess beside her chart.this week's pace has been a lot slower and much-needed so we've been having potty parties while we're at home. the mabster loves it, and i admit that it feels SO good watching her get so excited every time. she's filled up most of the tee-tee section with stars galore so after dinner tonight, we went to the store and let her pick out a surprise for being such a big girl. of all things, she chose pink barbie band-aids and had to put one on as soon as we got into the car. go figure. i love that sweet mess. in the words of bon jovi..."whoahhh, we're half way there..."

Saturday, April 25, 2009

dancing queen

saturday, the mabster got invited to a dancing princess party. it was held at the children's dance foundation in homewood (the same place where she attends her dance classes), and it was the first time for her to attend a birthday party there. i thought the theme was super cute since it called for all the girls to dress up in a princess gown so that they could dance around in it. the mabster wore her favorite (snow white) and looked so sweet. here's a group pic of all the little princesses...after they all enjoyed dancing for about 20-30 minutes, we all sang "happy birthday" to allison and watched her blow out the candles. later, the dance instructor laid down a sheet where the girls enjoyed ice cream, cake, and strawberries in the middle of the room. the mabster was loving every second of it and even tried to get her baby sister to sit beside her.we're so glad you enjoyed yourself, mabster, because both daddy and i enjoyed watching you dance behind the mirrored glass. furthermore, we want you to know that you and toshy will always be our little princesses. we love you girls.

Friday, April 24, 2009

the final birthday blowout

since the month of april was so incredibly slam packed for us, the last weekend was the only one open for our traditional Home Field birthday party. it's also tradition for karla and i to share the crazy celebration with my sister-in-law, gracie. every year for the past nine, we have always done this and always had a grand ole time. gracie's birthday is april the 9th, and ours is on the 14th. so here's to us, the birthday girls...28 never felt so great!!(FYI: karla maria and i totally did NOT plan to wear the same dress. it was mere coincidence and actually pretty funny. i guess great minds think alike because the dubba dubba twins ain't got nothin' on us!) also, here's a picture of what karmie thought about us and all our cheesy twinkie glory. just when she thought us wearing matching outfits ended at the age of three, boy was she the party started at 7:30pm where we ate dinner and enjoyed some drinks. the karaoke started at 9:00pm and after having a couple of drinks in us, we were ready to go. i was impressed at everyone who got up there to sing, especially a lot of the guys. i don't remember all of the songs, but i know karla maria and i did a mean rendition of "hurts so good" and "keep your hands to yourself." not to mention, we dedicated "baby got back" for baby caden since his parents couldn't be there. here's my attempts at a group pic followed by some random ones. i love you, bitches!(and why yes, that is indeed, jay's ass photo-bombing the group girl pic. surprised? of course not.)some of the highlights of the night and in no specific order were:

~ when papa john (jay's dad) announced our the birthday toast in front of god and everyone. a purple hooter shooter never tasted so good going down.
~ when karla and karmie performed their classic karaoking skills of "cripple creek."
~ trying to get a good enough picture of loretta in her sexy red shoulder cut-out, bedazzled outfit and bouffant hair.
~ mark singing the adam sandler song, "piece of shit car."
~ the guy who danced to the electric slide while smoking a cigarette.
~ we had the best conversations one night could possibly contain. the best.
~ karmie's interpretive dance moves were fakkin' hilarious.
~ the "tres amigos" blessed us with their presence and even posed for a funny pic.
~ karla maria knocked me around with her dairy air while we sang "baby got back."
~ and our DD, christi, had to climb over the passenger seat to get inside her car since someone obviously parked too close to even open up her door.
overall, it was a fantabulous time. we had a curfew of 12:30am since my mom was watching the girls for us and had to get up early in the morning to start carouseling at the junior league event. which in all honesty, i was glad we were given a curfew because i was exhausted. there's only so much fun one can have during their birthday month, and i believe we definitely exceeded it. thank you to all who came to help celebrate, to those who were there in spirit, and to those who will see us again around this time next year. you guys make my life sweet, and i'll never forget it. best. birthday. month. evah. I AM SPENT!!!!

caden james

baby caden james finally decided to enter this big ole' world early friday morning. i believe he arrived some time after 2 in the morning. all i knew is that i couldn''t fall asleep until i got the text message from mitchelle that he was here and everyone was doing great. so friday, i woke up running on fumes. i got no sleep, and i knew it was going to be an exciting crazy busy day. we headed out the door to meet some friends for a playgroup at lisette's house. from there, karla maria and i decided to meet the new little bundle of boy at the hospital. once we got there, this is what we saw...isn't he so stinkin' cute, and my oh my, what a BIG BOY!!! i'll never forget the text i got that said "9 lbs. 10 oz. linebacker!!" he gets that honest. his daddy can definitely not deny him as he is a "mini-mitchelle." i think his hands and feet alone weigh a pound. jay met us there as well, and together we took a family picture with our bestest.lastly, check out that proud big sister! i know lil B was just as excited as all of us to finally meet her baby brother. congrats to the mitchell family of four! life with two is SOO much fun, and you guys are going to have some awesome adventures along the way. we love you guys! XOXO

Thursday, April 23, 2009

bday family dinner #2

tonight, we went over to my mom and dad's house to celebrate my and karla's birthday with our side of the family. as jay would say, "i think this is celebration number 20." it's true. LOL. mom had a feast awaiting for us, and you could smell it as soon as you walked through the door. she cooked chicken mushroom, rice, sweet and sour pork, and squash casserole. it was so yummy. i lurves squash. we ate dinner in the dining room as we all conversed about the weekend filled with funny stories, and then we headed to the den to play with all the kids.tita karmie came up with the mabster's nickname ("abby" = m"AB"ster) so she felt lyla needed one too. so as of tonight, lyla's new nickname is "toshy." karmie said that the british term, "tosh" means ridiculous lies or silly talk ("lies" = "ly"la). it sounds cute, but i wonder if the meaning will upset her later in life? hehe. will see if it sticks. here is a picture of them two just being silly. we knew toshy would make this face so tita karmie did it too.and lastly, here is a pile up of tita karmie's nieces and nephew on her. notice the sparkly bling in karmie's teeth. yes, that's right, i'm sure she just got through brushing them just for this pic. that shit was not photo-shopped either. i promise you. there you go karmie, i just stroked your ego.(on a side note: as soon as we got home, i sat down with my laptop, and there pops up stacy on IM...she was going into labor!!!! and was on IM!?! god love her! her contractions were getting closer fast, and she was headed off to take a shower and then for the hospital. she said mitchelle was a nervous nellie. he called jay while they were on the car ride to the hospital to give him an update, and jay said you could hear stacy moaning in the background the whole time. too frakkin' funny!! OMG, baby caden has finally decided to come!!! just when she got notification to be induced next tuesday, here he comes on his due date! i am SOO unbelievably excited for them. can't wait to hold you, baby caden james!!!

thursday's thirteen

1.) yesterday i told the mabster to move over from my seat and computer. no lie, she responded back with, "but i've got to finish my blog." HA!!

2.) lyla has just recently learned how to blow raspberries. it is all she does, and i think it's the cutest and funniest thing ever.

3.) it's amazing how new panties can make a gal feel pretty, even though no one can see them.

4.) i took lyla to the doctor on tuesday. she had a sinus infection that is now clearing up, and i wanted to voice my concerns about her head tilt. they performed an x-ray on her to rule out any bone deformities and it came out negative. thank goodness. so now she will start taking physical therapy classes to help strengthen her neck muscles on her left side. doc said she will most likely grow out of it within the next month. let's keep our fingers crossed.

5.) 100% egyptian cotton bed sheets feel best when lying in them naked. i'm just sayin'

6.) my dvr cut my episode of the hills off earlier than the usual so i feel like i have missed out on it. no comment about my viewing of it this week, but i still think spencer is a delusional d-bag.

7.) LOST was just a re-cap this week. boo.

8.) maybe grey's anatomy will be my saving grace this week for something worth recording. although, i still need to catch up from last week.

9.) jay called home yesterday as giddy as a school girl. he just finished jiu jitsu and wanted to let me know that he got promoted to two stripes. i'm so proud of him because it makes him so happy. guess those bruises on him are his honorary battle scars.

10.) tonight, we are celebrating my and karla's birthday dinner with our side of the family at my mom's house. birthdays really are a great excuse to get the whole family together every now and then.

11.) friday night is our annual homefield birthday blowout!! i am excited, but truth be told, i am ready to start waving the white flag on this birthday it may yet!?

12.) when i get bored, i search for fun meanings in the urban dictionary. some are pretty hilarious. like "q-tipping." "girl, are you shitreous!?" seriously, who comes up with this stuff?

and lastly,

13.) encyclopedia seis has put all of us on a mission with her newest blog. we get to actually vote and plan what she gets to do on her alaskan vacation in just over a month. i think it's an awesome idea, and i believe my first vote is going to win.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

wordless wednesday

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

lesson learned

the biggest lesson i have ever learned in life thus far is that good communication is crucial. never believe the he said, she said crap and always go straight to that person. face-to-face is preferred. i have witnessed some great relationships go utterly and completely wrong just because of poor communication. so if you love someone and they mean the world to you, please...let them know that. you never know what tomorrow may bring, and life is too short for regret.

lesson checked, learned, and highlighted.

bday family dinner #1

tonight, we celebrated my birthday dinner at nan's house with jay's side of the family. even though last tuesday was my actual birthday, tonight was the best time for all of us to get together. it's tradition. in our family, traditions don't die. nan had cooked ham, broccoli casserole, mashed potatoes, peas, and applesauce. as always, it was delicious. i received some presents including a hand-made skirt that the nan had made for me. it's beautiful, and i can't wait to wear it.nan (aka, easter bunny #2) also had some gifts for the girls for easter since we didn't get a chance to see her last sunday. very thoughtful. here's my birthday fingers pic...we are missing another hand, although i really wouldn't mind claiming to be 23. so thank you, nan! everything was perfect.

Monday, April 20, 2009

the terrible two's

the other day, the mabster came up to me, looked me in the eye, and firmly told me, "mommy, do not do that, or i will spank your bum-bum!"

i was taken back a bit, looked firmly back into her eyes all while trying to look serious and hold back all attempts of smiling or laughing, and said, "no ma'am. only mommy can spank bum-bums."

she asked why. i said, "i'm the mommy, that's why."

to my surprise, she laughed at me and said, "no ma'am!" and proceeded to swat at my bum-bum.

then it hit me like a ton of bricks. she is wanting to be me...and good god, i have turned into my mother.

guess this stuff really does run downhill. "the terrible two's" is what it is. terribly funny.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

the wedding

so the big day is finally here, and we all meet at the church at 2:30pm to get dressed and ready for pictures before the actual wedding ceremony. i think we walked around every inch of the church grounds and performed every possible pose. it was fun. here's just a quick pic that was taken on my camera once we were finished and heading to the bride's room to freshen up and relax.the ceremony started at 6:00pm. i was the first bridesmaid to walk down (all by myself) and i was nervous as hell. i hate when all eyes are on me, especially when i'm in 4 inch high heels and uncomfortable. i think i prayed in hopes of not falling while going down the aisle the whole time. thank god we are suppose to go slow. the ceremony last all of about 20 minutes if that. it was short, sweet, and beautiful. now it was time to head to the reception and get the party started! here's a picture of jay and i with karla, tre, and my mom while outside of the church.the reception was held at Park Lane, and the bride and groom were announced as they walked in with everyone applauding. then, they headed to the dance floor for their first dance as mr. and mrs. arnidis. i love listening to what song the couple's choose as their wedding song.everyone sits down to eat as food is being served so all the girls get together to form a circle around the bride. jessi was our sorority's chapter advisor until recently when she had to move to pennsylvania which means a ton of AOIIs were there both old and new. it felt so good to sing some of our old songs as we each gave jessi a rose and a hug. this is a tradition that we always do during special celebrations which displays our bond of sisterhood...if only the loving cup was there. now that would have been awesome.also, here's a shout out to my fellow "CV girls!" i miss ya'll SOO much!! we had some awesome times together. from leadership retreats to slumber parties in the sorority suite to thursday nights at the music hall to intramural sports to philanthropy projects and to parties at the pi kapp house, we did it all. i'll never forget how much fun we had in our collegiate the getaway car had arrived, and the band announced that it was time to go outside with our sparklers and bid farewell to the bride and groom. that, we did. the sparklers were the biggest ones i've ever seen. i almost wanted to sneak some home. lol. it looked so pretty with all of them lighting up the dark sky, and we all squealed with delight as they walked past us.CONGRATS jessi and troy!! i'm so glad that i got to ba a part of ya'lls special day and stand beside ya'll as you said your "i do's." have fun in greece, and please, no honeymoon babies, okay?! we love you guys!

Friday, April 17, 2009

night of the rehearsal

friday night at 6:00pm, we all met at Canterbury United Methodist Church for the rehearsal. to me, the rehearsal is the funnest part. we get matched up with our groomsman, joke around that if i trip in my 4 inch heels, i was taking him down with me, are shown by the wedding coordinator where to stand, when to go, and reminded that we need to stand up straight and smile. classic. i remember during my wedding being so stressed about everything. but now that's it's someone else's, everything just comes off too funny. it was quick and easy so off to the rehearsal dinner we go. around 7:00pm, we headed to The Summit Club. the dinner was held on the top floor overlooking birmingham, and it was breathtaking up there.jessi and troy even pointed out to us that they had a special message for us displaying on the rolling lighted up marquee. it said, "thank you for being here with us and welcome to the magic city! jessi and troy." so we sit down in our assigned seats (thank gawd, we were at a fun table. lol) and they start serving dinner. the menu consisted of shrimp cocktail for the appetizer, a salad, and then chicken, salmon, mashed potatoes, and asparagus followed by creme brulee for dessert. yummy yum! here's us just being silly...towards the end of the night, the toasts were being made. karla and i (being the awesome friends we are) always make a toast for our soon-to-be mr. and mrs. we're cheesy like that. basically what ends up happening though is that we both walk up their to the microphone while karla starts rattling off old embarrassing stories and i stand up there beside her for moral support while shaking my head and laughing. i'll admit though, karla maria gives a good speech. kudos to you for finding the balls i lack now and then, and delivering an awesome toast. you rock!

bridesmaid luncheon

friday, karla and i headed to the Birmingham Botanical Gardens for jessi's bridesmaid luncheon at 11:30am. it was the first event that kicked off her wedding weekend, and we were quite excited about it. it was the perfect weather for lunch in the gardens with the high of 74 and a refreshing wind. we were so excited to see all our friends from our college days and catch up as well as reminisce. it seems like everyone has moved out of state now for their careers, family, etc. so everyone all together at once was very nice.we drank mimosas and chatted, then sat down for lunch which included fried green tomatoes for an appetizer, and then chicken salad salad and fruit salad. it was delicious. i love kathy g catering, and actual went to high school with her family. my favorite though was the gorgeous charm cake.i've never seen this done before so i thought it was an awesome idea and very thoughtful. the gist of it is that jessi picked out a charm for each us that reminded her of us. the charm was tied to a string with our initials on it, and then we pulled it out all at the same time. who'da thunk'it? my charm was a photograph. :) once we licked off the icing to reveal our charm, jessi handed us something. it was a booklet that was put together that thanked us for being a part of her special day, and it explained why she picked the specific charm.the meaning behind my charm of photos was "life full of memories." she then proceeded to write that she found my charm appropriate since i am always the photographer, so on and so forth. i love it. maybe i should start charging??

Thursday, April 16, 2009

thursday's thirteen

1.) thank gawd for XM radio. regular radio right now bites. 20 on 20 is my favorite.

2.) in about 3 more weeks, we'll be headed to marco island, florida for our family vacation. i am in desperate need of a slower pace right now, and the sound of the ocean is going to be perfect. i can't wait!!

3.) jessi's wedding weekend starts tomorrow with a bridesmaids luncheon and then later the rehearsal at the church followed by the rehearsal dinner. then, the wedding is on saturday in which i get to bust out in the almost 4 inch heels. i'm scared.

4.) i totally called it on LOST when miles said, "that douche is my dad." also, can i just say that i love hurley.

5.) after watching The Hills again this week, it's no wonder why spencer doesn't have any friends. he needs a t-shirt made just for him that says, "i suck at life." i mean, seriously.

6.) today, i met up with some friends for a birthday lunch at surin. we let stacy pick the place because she heard that spicy thai food would hopefully get the boy moving. caden is definitely keeping her on her toes. come on, boy!! we all want to meet you!!

7.) i'm giving up on providing nicknames for others on this blog. when i first started this, i noticed everyone did it so i thought i had to too. now i just think it's ludacris to try and protect an's my blog! the only people reading this are the ones i know anyway. so there you have it.

8.) it's mosquito season. a couple of the damn pesky pests made their way into my house the other night, and abby chased'em around with a fly swatter. atta' girl!

9.) this birthday month is officially spanking my arse. and to think, we still haven't even had the big twinkie blowout yet. i'm gonna need to push fluids through an IV and a foley. stat.

10.) i still haven't taken down the disco ball and ceiling decorations downstairs yet. i kinda like them. they remind me of great memories. i almost feel like a redneck that leaves his christmas lights up year round. now is that laziness or sentiment?

11.) i am so tired of piles of clothes every where. my closet is overflowing because we still hang on to shirts from 4-5 years ago. as much as jay swears he will still wear every single one of his old fraternity t-shirts, i highly doubt it. and yes, i am guilty of laundry limbo.

12.) lyla is getting to the age now where she won't sit still. my once perfectly content child that just sat there, now swats at any and everything while we eat at the table. lettuce just starts flying, and i'm trying to shovel it in before it hits the floor. whatever i have, she wants. ay yi yi!

and lastly,

13.) i just want to applaud mitchelle for watching all 3 girls the other night while we went out. he kept them alive and even changed lyla's big ole blowout in her diaper. i know he was nervous as hell, but we really appreciated it. him and jay really have formed an awesome bromance together. it cracks me up.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

thanks for the laughs

so last week, i got a phone call from the stardome comedy club. i usually get one every time around this year so i wasn't surprised, but quite excited. they called to give me 12 free tickets for me and some friends since it was my birthday. i had the option of going either tuesday night (my actual birthday) or wednesday night. since i already had plans for the first night, wednesday it was. the show started at 7:30pm, but we all got there early at around 6:30pm to enjoy dinner and drinks beforehand.the three comedians for the night were matt mitchell (he was actually my favorite), chad miller, and steve mangola was the headliner. they were all great. when they say "laughter is the best medicine," it really is true. two things i always notice that you never do unless you purposely want to get made fun of. number one: never sit in the front left section. number two: never leave at any given moment to go to the bathroom. especially if you are a guy. just be prepared if you ever do any of these two. overall, it was a great time. great laughs with great company. thanks ladies for helping karla and i celebrate our birthday with a good girl's night out at the comedy club. we will definitely have to do that again!(disclaimer: this last picture was taken outside after the show while we all chatted in the parking lot for a bit. kelly thought she'd try to help stacy out by rubbing her lucky left butt cheek (yes, the same one that allows her to magically win bunco all the time) on her baby bump. it was hilarious. we're still waiting baby caden. no pressure or anything...)

wordless wednesday

as i turned the corner, the mabster told me, "baby sister needs more toys." really? you think so?

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

28 feels great!!

today is officially my birthday although i feel like i have been celebrating it all month. seriously though, this has been the best birthday yet. hands down. it's been crazy busy, but fun, fun, fun!!

earlier today, i met some friends at the zoo followed by a birthday lunch at la paz. me loves some la paz. also, can i just say that i am thankful for friends who let me know what's going on so that there's no surprises. in fact, i was flattered and thought it was hilarious. it's really feels good to know that people still care about me, especially on my special day. thank you, ladies. thank you for supplying the laughs and great conversation. actually, i am still after we got home from lunch, the whole house took a nap. it was pure bliss. the world must have known it was my birthday and conspired to help me. thank you. by the time everyone woke up, daddy came home, we got the girls ready, and then dropped them off at nana lin's house. she watched them while we ate a nice quiet romantic dinner out followed by watching the musical WICKED. here are my thoughts on was unbelievably fan-freakin-tastic!! seriously, it tops my favorite musical of all time (mama mia) and then some. i am severely in love with it and even cried during a couple of spots. pathetic, i know, but i was SOO incredibly moved by it all...that, and AF must be coming soon. i think i could watch it 50 times again and not feel stupid for wasting my money on it. it's definitely worth every red cent. i could go on and on about it, but i will just tell you flat out, that you must go see it! seriously. the last show is sunday, and if i didn't have a wedding to be in this weekend, we'd probably be seeing it again.

also, i just wanted to thank my jaybear (yes, i know...i busted out your nickname on here. sorry, but i'm in a super lovey dovey mood after tonight). thank you for always spoiling me. we both know you don't have to and most days, i don't even understand why you do. i know my mom tells you this all the time, and i swear, we both know she adores you because of everything you do for me. i am more than lucky and blessed to have you in my life, and i really appreciate the time, effort, compromise, and love you put into me and our family. you not only make my birthday wonderful and special, but every day. thank you again, and happy birthday to me!

Monday, April 13, 2009

happy 8 months, lyla!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

happy easter!!

sunday marked lyla's first easter and the first time that the mabster actually "got" that there is an easter bunny. it was too cute. the girls woke up, saw their easter baskets, and started pulling everything out...well, the mabster did this. lyla pretty much just sat there smiling the whole time. in fact, the mabster claims that the easter bunny brought her two baskets and thought that the only need for one of them was a hat for baby sister. sweet messes.(side note: thank you to nan for making the mabster's easter dress. everyone loved it, and it's beautiful!)so after the mabster ate a box full of peeps for breakfast, we got the girls ready in their easter dresses, and headed for church. since this mass was a special one, we decided to meet my side of the family at the church we use to go to while growing up. this is also where we went to school during 1st-8th grade. sitting in the pews and listening to father o'conner felt so comforting and like home. we are now parishioners at our lady of sorrows (since the girls will go to school there), but st. barnabas will always have a special place in my heart. seeing a lot of people that we use to go to school with felt like a blast from the past. everyone was so excited to see each other, and it's crazy to see that everyone has kids of their own now too.after mass was over with, my sisters and i even ran next door to the school to peep inside the windows as we reminisced of our old grammar school days. it was crazy. it's really neat how some things change, and how some will always stay the same. oh, another reason why i love SBS so much is because of this plaque that is displayed on the back door of the church. this just confirms that Catholics really do have a great sense of humor...later, we all ate lunch with my family, and it ended up being a great easter. hope everyone enjoyed their easter as well!