Tuesday, April 14, 2009

28 feels great!!

today is officially my birthday although i feel like i have been celebrating it all month. seriously though, this has been the best birthday yet. hands down. it's been crazy busy, but fun, fun, fun!!

earlier today, i met some friends at the zoo followed by a birthday lunch at la paz. me loves some la paz. also, can i just say that i am thankful for friends who let me know what's going on so that there's no surprises. in fact, i was flattered and thought it was hilarious. it's really feels good to know that people still care about me, especially on my special day. thank you, ladies. thank you for supplying the laughs and great conversation. actually, i am still laughing.so after we got home from lunch, the whole house took a nap. everybody...at...the...same...time. it was pure bliss. the world must have known it was my birthday and conspired to help me. thank you. by the time everyone woke up, daddy came home, we got the girls ready, and then dropped them off at nana lin's house. she watched them while we ate a nice quiet romantic dinner out followed by watching the musical WICKED. here are my thoughts on WICKED...it was unbelievably fan-freakin-tastic!! seriously, it tops my favorite musical of all time (mama mia) and then some. i am severely in love with it and even cried during a couple of spots. pathetic, i know, but i was SOO incredibly moved by it all...that, and AF must be coming soon. i think i could watch it 50 times again and not feel stupid for wasting my money on it. it's definitely worth every red cent. i could go on and on about it, but i will just tell you flat out, that you must go see it! seriously. the last show is sunday, and if i didn't have a wedding to be in this weekend, we'd probably be seeing it again.

also, i just wanted to thank my jaybear (yes, i know...i busted out your nickname on here. sorry, but i'm in a super lovey dovey mood after tonight). thank you for always spoiling me. we both know you don't have to and most days, i don't even understand why you do. i know my mom tells you this all the time, and i swear, we both know she adores you because of everything you do for me. i am more than lucky and blessed to have you in my life, and i really appreciate the time, effort, compromise, and love you put into me and our family. you not only make my birthday wonderful and special, but every day. thank you again, and happy birthday to me!


Yankee Belle said...

Even the CC came out for your birthday! (I think that is why she inquired on attendance) =P Happy birthday bff!!!! XOXO

Anonymous said...

love La Paz...thats where Rob took me on our first date many moons ago!


Becca said...

Happy birthday dear friend!:) I wish I wasn't busy tonight - I'm sure you will have fun though, even without me. ;)

Didn't you just LOVE Wicked? I am totally obsessed with it, I want the soundtrack, and the book. Then I want to learn to sing in a high Soprano voice and audition. :)

Kim said...

:) la paz is awesome! and becca, wicked blew me away...talk about some talent!!